08 October, 2015

Zecurity Police Style Carbon Steel #Handcuffs #Review

     One day, I'll be thinner, fitter, and healthier... Do all overweight people say that?  Well, I fully believe it because this year's tax money is going towards a treadmill.  When I lost 50+ lbs in high school, it was mostly from walking.  And walking. AND walking.  But until then, I am so out of shape that my arms got tired from reading a 1 minute boards book to Boog last night while we were lying down.  That's sad.
     And it's in those moments that I wonder what good I would be if my kids ever needed me to protect them.  What could I do?  They'd probably be better at protecting themselves.  At this point, I'd only really be a body shield and an annoyance for the assailant.  Although mildly effective until I'm knocked out, that's not good.  And it's that reason that I'm making sure to have tools on hand that I think might help.  Tools like a BB Gun for the van, pepper spray to keep on me, and these Zecurity Handuffs.  They're police style!
     They're perfect for restraining someone, probably after I spray them, because there's no way that I could use these on their own.  Maybe I could cuff some drunkard who tries breaking in and passes out in the process.  I could do that.  But really, in combo with pepper spray, these are perfect for restraining someone until the police arrive.
     They are hinged, which is unique I think.  When I google it, I see lots like it, but I never did see any until I looked them up.  It gives that extra peace of mind, because even if there's no way the chain would break, our minds will convince us otherwise.  But this hinge design is really pretty awesome!
     What's great is that these have a double locking feature.  When the cuffs are on, you press in the lock feature on the side of the cuffs to make the cuffs tight.  That way, they won't tighten or loosen.  That prevents loss of circulation or abrasions on the wrists.  It's a really nice feature.  Then to unlock the double lock, you just turn the key in both directions.
     The metal seems really rugged and the cuffs as a whole feel and look really durable.  They don't rust, which is great and there is no key malfunctions.  The keys are universal keys by the way.  I definitely love these cuffs and will keep them close at all times.  What steps do you take to keep yourself safe?
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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