29 October, 2015

Wooden Boomerang and Sling Shot Set from #HappilySafe #Review

     I love seeing my kids be active.  I hope they will always love being active.  It's why, despite cringing whenever a sports practice is on my doorstep, I still sign them up.  It makes me so happy that they love something that will help them live longer.  With any hope, my kids will all grow up to be healthy, moral, addiction-free, active adults.  That's the plan.  Sometimes I worry about their future, especially when I see them lounging on the couch, face planted into their tablet or my phone.
     But whenever they choose a toy like the kite they grabbed this week, or are happy to try out their new bow and arrow set outside, or when they get excited about new shin guards or sports cones, I know we're doing okay.  And I know they will love their new gifts when they get them on Christmas.  It's a wooden boomerang and sling shot set from Happily Safe.
     Now, here's a little nugget of truth for you... I did have some issues with the packaging and shipping of this set.  I had to get some assistance with a piece that was missing from the package because it was torn open before being placed in the Amazon box.  Customer service was amazing.  We got it all straightened out lickety split and a new one sent to me with two day shipping.  That package was also torn, probably during shipping due to jostling around on the tuck.  It was just the packaging.  If I'm anything, it's patient so it didn't bother me, things happen.  But I'm thinking that the cellophane type packaging might not be the best type for this particular toy.  If this is going to be a gift, plan on wrapping it sans package.
     Now onto the cool stuff!
     The set comes with a boomerang that's about 11 or so inches from tip to center.  I used a piece of printer paper to measure, super accurate *wink*.  It's beveled on the top where it's printed, I say printed, it's actually water painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic paint.  It happens to be my favorite color, so I'm happy there.  It's flat on the bottom where it's plain orange except for two areas on the edges that are worn down to help it fly and return.
     I had to actually look up how to throw a boomerang the right way because I've never had one return to me and I wanted to be sure to do this thing justice when I tell you about it.  So I Youtubed it, then I snuck out when the kids weren't home and tried it out for myself.  I actually took my sister out with me.  Together we tried for about 10 minutes to get returns and we actually did quite well!  I still need to practice, but hers returned to her several times and mine almost returned most of the time.  So it's definitely not a wooden curve passing itself off as a boomerang, it actually comes back.  I'm impressed!  We had a lot of fun, so I know my kids will.
     The boomerangs took quite a lot of diggers, sometimes into the driveway.  But when we came in, they only needed small touch-ups in the paint on the edges, it did really well holding up to all it's abuse.  I don;t think the kids will even be able to tell that I test-drove their toys.
     Another add-in part to it was the sling shot.  To be honest, as cool as the boomerang is, I was more excited about the sling shot.   It's a perfectly sized rugged wooden sling shot with a thick rubber band and small leatherish rectangle piece in the middle of the bands.  What's awesome is that even if the band breaks at some point, the sling shot is made so that it can be replaced easily.
     I grabbed my nephew for this one.  We practiced indoors, like most smart, level headed people would.  He brought out some soft foam balls he had lying around and we loaded that sucker up and shot, thinking you know... how fast could small foam balls REALLY go?  That thing bounced off our target so fast, it went straight back up over our heads and across the living room like a bat out of you-know-where.  We were both shocked at the power that that one little toy had.  This thing is a keeper for sure!  I know The Big One will adore it.  I bet she'll practice her aim all summer next year.  We'll just have to have a rule about not aiming at people.
     So here's the pros and cons of it...
They're wooden
They're eco-friendly and non-toxic
The sling shot has awesome power
The boomerang returns!

Packaging was less than ideal.

     So I'm officially recommending this.  I love wooden toys anyways, but it was so much fun using both of these that I can't not recommend it.  I love this set!  When was the last time you had fun with kids' toys?
     To learn more, check out Happily Safe on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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