07 October, 2015

Tali Carmi's Amazing Sea Life Coloring Book #Review #Promotion

     Whenever I'm feeling stressed or anxious and I don;t have something to delve into, it's easy to get overwhelmed and sucked into it all.  I suffer from anxiety pretty badly, especially in social settings.  So having something to focus on is a really good idea for me.  I enjoy artwork and I dabble from time to time.  Sometimes I bring it with me, but I don't like to because if someone asks to see it, my anxiety skyrockets.  I HATE attention.  So having something art related that isn't fully mine is way better.  And coloring books for adults are about as good as it gets for that type of thing.
     A while back, I tried out Tali Carmi's Amazing Birds Coloring Book and it was pretty great.  So I was really excited to try out her Amazing Sea Life Coloring Book as well.  It definitely didn;t disappoint.  Although the artwork didn't strike me as being at quite the creative level as her other book, it was still pretty eye-catching and fabulous.  It has Zentangle style designs all through every picture.  There's so much to color on each page.
     The creatures are mostly typical creatures that you would think of when thinking of the ocean.  Each page also incorporates other sea type things, such as seaweed, sand, etc.  Now, it's important to mention here, that the kindle book is only a sample, though it does come with six free coloring pages that you can print.  But to be able to color all the pages in the sample, you must buy the paperback version.  That's important to know.  Now that that is out of the way...
     Each page also comes with fascinating facts about each animal.  Facts that for the most part, I didn't know.  I just love learning new things, don't you?  The facts are perfect, I think.  They aren't overly long and overwhelming, but they aren't super short and simple either.  They are the perfect new tidbit to keep your mind growing.
     Although this book is for adults, I think any older child or teenager could benefit from it.  I think especially a child with attention deficits or anxiety.  This would make a great gift for someone who loves to color or who loves art in general.  I definitely recommend it.  But remember, if you buy it as a gift, get the paperback.  You want your recipient to be able to color it.
     Do you color?
     To learn more, check out Tali Carmi's Facebook, Twitter, and website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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