17 October, 2015

Grandma Pepper Car Seat Protector #Review #ChildBabyCarSeatProtector

     Being a mom for the past eleven years, I've learned a thing or two.  First, the kids will break it, whatever it is.  Second, I don't expect to be organized until after they've moved out.  And third, I will never own a clean van.  Every time the door opens, something will fall out.  The carpet and seats I will end up with some kind of weird foodish thing stuck on and it will create a stain.  By the time my kids are old enough to stop making stains, I will not need a van.
     But I did see some light at the end of the tunnel recently when I covered my back bench seat with a car seat cover.  The cover is still on, the seat has gone a month or two with no new stains or food and the cover stays clean, not needing to be washed yet.  And although I need one of my front bench seats open because it has built in child restraints, I don't necessarily need the other one uncovered.  So that's where Grandma Pepper's Car Seat Cover comes in.
     The cover sits on top of the van's seat and buckles around the headrest to keep it in place.  What's cool about it is that the head rest part is adjustable, so we can fold down the built-in booster cushion and set the car seat cover on top.
     The cover has a non-slip type surface all over the under part of it to keep from sliding off the seat.  The surface reminds me a lot of the liners that you get for drawers and such to keep spoons from sliding around when you open the drawer.
     In the very front of the cover, under where the legs fall, is a really cool storage compartment that not all seat covers have.  It holds Streaker's tablet perfectly, but it's also a nice cup holder in an area that we don't have one, so I love that as well.  It's a pocket that spans most of the cover's width and is split into two.
     Now, here's my honest critique, and sometimes I hate giving it.  It seemed when my kids were using it that the non-slip surface wasn't as non-slip as intended.  The crease part of the cover would slip forward and lots of stress was placed on the headrest strap.  This caused the strap to start tearing away from the cover itself.  After trying out other car seat covers, I think a good solution to this would be a loop or pull that connects to the crease of the cover and can be pulled through the crack of the van seat to keep it from slipping forward.  Or perhaps a couple small straps that can be slipped around the seat belt on each side.  It's an easy enough fix.  I think I will patch up the tears and add a little something to keep it from happening again.
     It also ripped on the pocket part and needed some quick patching up.  However, the cover does come with a lifetime guarantee and the customer service is wonderful, so you're covered, so to speak.  But it wouldn't be an issue if it's under a car seat and not susceptible to moving children who might cause it to slip on a regular basis.  I think that this would be perfect under a booster seat.  So I would recommend it if you need a cover for under your booster or other car seat, not sure that I would recommend it otherwise unless your child is one who is very careful about such things.  But my kids can be a bit restless in the van.  Do your kids get restless when they're in the vehicle?
     To learn more, please check out Grandma Pepper on Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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