09 January, 2011

***Soda Stream Review***

      I love soda.... everyone who knows me, knows that I have a certain soda on hand ... all the time. So you can probably guess how excited I was when I got the chance to review the SodaStream soda machine!! This machine allows you to make your own soda from water and flavored syrup. Yup... genius! It's really simple to use. It comes with 3 main pieces.  The machine, the CO2 tank and the bottles.  Then of course whatever flavors you feel like having.
     If you run out of CO2, you can exchange an empty tank using their carbonator wizard.  This is the only unfortunate side I saw to the whole thing.  I am glad that they exchange, but I didn't realize the carbonation tanks would be so pricey.

Recommended Package: $44.98

Your carbonator package includes:
1 Exchange
1 Spare

     But I am impressed that they take old tanks.  That is a plus.  For all you jumpy people, like me, no worries on the tank lid popping under pressure or anything when you insert it, because the bottles you use get screw in, not popped on. There is a release of air but not bad (just giving heads up). You fill the bottle with water and screw it on. Then you choose the amount of carbonation you would like. When it buzzes 3 times, that is regular carbonation. Which is the setting I now use. I was getting a salty / bitter taste in the back of my throat and thought it may have something to do with the carbonation. When I didn't carbonate as much, it didn't seem as harsh. So that may have been it.
     After it buzzes you take the bottle off and add the syrup. It's that easy. You can also recarbonate the stuff... which is great! No more flat sodas :) My favorite flavor I tried from SodaStream was their ginger ale, hands down. Here are all their flavors... go check it out! The water is good too, but it's not real strong. In my opinion it's more of an after taste that you only taste when you breathe in afterward.  It's strange, but I still enjoy it. The bottles they give you are like 1 liters but they are hard plastic, which I like. But, do NOT dishwash it! They become unsafe after that so please do not put this in the dishwasher.

If you want to watch a demonstration, feel free to check out the tons of videos on Youtube, like this one:

     Overall I give this product a definite 5 stars. My family loves making our own soda and trying out the new flavors. I recommend this product for sure.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

08 January, 2011

**Snapware review and giveaway**

     Organization...something I need a LOT more of. I am sure that lots of you out there are nodding your heads. I definitely love when I come across something that not only helps you organize, but can stand against the toughness of kiddies. That was definitely found in the storage containers I got to review for Snapware. They are see through so you don't have to open them up to see what you put inside them and the name comes from the nice snapping latches on the sides for secure closing. This by far is the best feature. Also, their plastic is all food safe. So no worries. 
     Looking for something to help organize your craft area? What about these great yarn tainers. They are perfect for not only organizing your yarn but you can grab and go too since its designed for travel also. They have pet treat containers and  I love this.... a container designed for all your ornaments. Keeps them separate and safe. Snapware has what you need for kitchen clutter too. They have canister sets and lovely glass food containers. Which by the way, one of you lucky readers will receive!! That's right, Snapware is giving one of you a set of two glass food containers. So if you .... (like everyone else) need help organizing or keeping food airtight ... then here is what you need to do:

Rules for contest:
Leave a separate comment for each entry you put in. Don't forget your email since this will be how I get in touch with you if you are the winner. The winner will be chosen via Random.org and will have 48 hours to respond after they are notified. If they do not respond in that time, a new winner will be chosen. This contest is for US/Canada residents only. Good luck.

Mandatory Entry:
Go to www.snapware.com and tell me your favorite container.

Extra entries:
Like snapware on facebook.
Follow snapware on twitter.
Be a follower of my blog.
Follow me on twitter

This contest closes Saturday, Jan. 22nd  at 11:59 est time. Thankyou for entering and good luck.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

05 January, 2011

Temporary Tattoos review

  What kid doesn't love temporary tattoos? I know mine do, and what's great from a parents stand point is the fact that they are temporary. This can help with convincing a child not to get a real one. They make some really nice realistic ones now without the pain and regret. So when my girls said they wanted some temporary tattoos, I found www.tattoosales.com
   They sent out a great package of all different styles of tattoos. Some were tribal, some were animals, and others were glitter. These of course were the girls' favorite. I liked them too, but I wasn't overly impressed with how they were hard to put on and they looked like patches of dirt a day or two after application. But when they were first applied they were by far what we all thought were the best looking. The rest of the tattoos were fine. They seemed to wear off little by little like any other temporary tattoo. 
   What is great with the tattoos at www.tattoosales.com is that these are the tattoos that are usually stocked in all the bubble machines so you can find them everywhere. It took little time to get the tattoos and like I said before they had a lot of different styles. Also, they can now do personalized tattoos. You can have your own logo made into temporary tattoos to show off. That is pretty cool :) Click here to hear what other customers have to say, or go here to see some of what they offer. I love the easy application henna tattoos. Get the celtic look without the application process of henna. Out of a five star rating I give these guys a 4.5. Just know that the glitter tats are a one day deal and you are good to go!

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

Citikitty Bonito Flakes review

     Gather round you cat lovers, I have a product here your feline will go crazy for. Citikitty sent my cats a present of tuna flakes to try out.  Your cat might like the cat nip but they will appreciate these more. I wasn't expecting my cat to really like them being that they were such a thin  and dry flake. I was expecting maybe sniffing...pawing at it, but my cat actually ate it and loved it. They say they are for the most finiky of felines, I have to bust that cause they haven't met my other cat. But they still got one fan out of the two.
       These flakes are not only great tasting for them but also good for them. They have no additives, preservatives, or by-products. Which by the way... for those who aren't familiar with the term by-products.. this is the difference between your animal getting quality meat or a mixture of animal parts...left overs...you know where I am going with this! I just learned that recently and not only have I shopped differently for my animals, but have gotten family members to do so too. These flakes are shaved in bigger pieces and your cat will love that. This is also great for grabbing them out of the jar. They are not slimy or residue leaving like some treats. I like that they are just natural, dried treats. These treats are high in protein and sealed nice and tight for the best of freshness.
        If you may not be looking for treats, you can check out citikitty for other products like their cat toilet training kit. Yes, you read that right. They have a kit that will help your cat get potty trained with your kids!

 Now that is something! And to accompany this you can get the automatic toilet flusher. Flush your kitty's potty training accomplishments down the toilet with a wave of the hand.... lol I know, too much. If you have taught your cat to go on the toilet, you can probably go the extra step and teach your cat to wave :)

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory
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