27 October, 2015

Travel and Emergency Sewing Kit #Review #VelloStarSewingKit

     Faulty products... everyone gets stuck with them at some point.  This one time I got bean bag type travel pillows.  They were okay for a week or so, then the seems started ripping apart.  Styrobeads were everywhere, it was a disaster and I didn't have any sewing needles or thread anywhere right off hand.  I ended up throwing it away.  And backpacks... they last an average of a month in my home.  It's mostly because we always buy the $5 book bags at Walmart instead of springing for the well made ones, but we can't afford to do it now that we have four kids in school.  It's a lot easier to buy a new $5 every month or so than to buy $200 worth of backpacks.  Ever.  But if I made a habit of keeping sewing supplies on hand, I could make those $5 stretch a little longer by sewing the rips up.
      This travel sewing kit by Vellostar is perfect for those moments.  So far, I've used them to sew up a car seat cover and add elastics to the bottom of boot covers for Halloween.  The car seat cover was something that I was able to do while on the go without having to worry about sewing machines and outlets or flimsy needles and cheap scissors of traditional travel kits.  Here's what's inside:
Stainless steel scissors
• 10 Needles
• 2 Threaders
• Pins
• 3 Shirt buttons
• Thimble
• Measuring tape
• Seam ripper
• 12 Spools of thread in popular colors
       First of all, let's start with the best part, the scissors.  I wish I had one of my bazillion cheapo ones form the kids I've gotten before so that you can see a side by side, but the kits have all been either lost because it's super small or the scissors are broken.  Because they break.  Often.  But these are fantastic!  These are by far the best travel kit scissors that I have ever seen!  And I've seen a lot.  Look at the size of them, they're awesome!  They're made form stainless steel and are tough.  I was so surprised when I saw them and felt how rugged they are.  And they are sharp, no flimsy crap, just nice strong, sharp scissors.
      And of course, the major components of any sewing kit are the needle and thread.  This kit comes with a roundabout of ten needles in varying sizes.  I had no trouble threading these needles, although my eyes aren't so great anymore, so I did find the threaders helpful.  The threads come in 12 different colors.  I've almost used up all of my black already, each spool of thread is 8-10 yards in length.  The colors I found are all pretty vivid and nice.
     Another pretty cool part if the kit was the measuring tape.  It isn't a cheap paper one like other kits have, this is the kind you get when you go out and buy a tape measure separate because you want a good one.  You know what kind I mean?  I also liked that it came with buttons.  That's super helpful with all the girls that I have.  Their dresses are always short on buttons.  And the safety pin is super helpful too.
     The kit lays flat when it's opened and the zipper around the outside works great, I haven't had any issues with snagging to getting stuck on the corners or anything.  The inside of the case is well organized with elastic loops that hold everything neatly in place.  Way better than the other kits I've gotten that just threw everything in one small clear pouch.  Not that I'm complaining because they are only a dollar, but they just aren't good quality, reliable kits like this one is.
     This is the best quality travel kit I've ever owned and I'm definitely recommending it for anyone who has ever needed one, especially parents.  When is the last time you sewed something by hand?  To learn more, check out Vellostar on Amazon.  

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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