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08 February, 2016

Anti-fog, Shatterproof, UV Protective Swimming Goggles #Review #AegendGoggles

     I have been so cold these past few weeks that I find myself often wondering if Spring will ever get here at all.  I can't wait for warm weather and dry ground, sun shining bright... and the beach.  Man, do I love the beach!  We're already preparing for it with things like our new culinary torch for roasting marshmallows.

     And one of those cool new things we got for the beach is this awesome new pair of swimming goggles by Aegend.  They are UV protective, Anti-fog, water-tight, and come in a hard protective case with a locking clasp.

     They are really comfortable and don't rub on the side of the head or against the ears.  The band is fully adjustable to fit any sized head and they unclip with the press of one button.

     The lenses curve into the vision field and can be a bit dizzying until you get used to it.  Around the lenses is a silicone suction barrier to prevent water from getting into the eyes.  It does create some pressure, but it doesn't feel so strong that you feel like your eyes might get pulled out of your head or anything.

     The goggles look pretty nice and we're definitely going to be using them every day at the beach this year.  I would recommend them.  To learn more, check out Aegend on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

#ChampionsVitality 65 cm Anti-Burst Yoga Ball #Review

     A couple weeks ago, my dog popped my exercise ball.  He didn't mean to I suppose, but it was a pretty big bummer.  I'd barely had a chance to use it.  I had so many plans for it.  I was going to go through the whole Stack 52 deck with it.  I even matched all my exercise equipment to that ball.  But alas, it wasn't meant to be.
     Not with that one anyway.  I did get a new ball.  It's a 65cm Anti-Burst Yoga Ball from Champion's Vitality.  It's a beautiful blue ball and it comes with a measuring tape to make sure you fill it to just the right size, as well as the pump and an extra plug.
     It was really easy to blow up.  You just take it out and unfold it, then let it sit for a couple hours at room temperature.  Then you inflate to 75cm, then deflate to 65.  To be honest, it is a bit big for my body, 55 is probably ideal for me, but there was only the one size option. Still, I can make it work.
     The material is a nice quality material that seems like it would definitely be resistant to bursting, though not puncturing, so I will definitely need to keep this one away from the dog.  It is nice and firm when you sit on it, but still has give.
     The outside of the ball is lined with ridges to prevent slipping and to help you grip the ball.  I think that's a nice feature, especially for exercises that involve holding the ball with your feet.  I definitely like this ball and I would recommend it.
     To learn more, check out Champion's Vitality on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

04 February, 2016

Moldable Plastic Pellets #Review #PollyPlastics

     My family and I are always doing crafts and art.  These past weeks we have been working on a pirate ship board game.  It's going to be an educational game that teaches and also entertains.  I must say, it's coming out pretty awesome.  It has crow's nests and rigging, a cannon, sails, and 2 upper decks... and of course a plank.
     It still has a lot of work left.  I still need to make the came cards and the gold coins.  To be honest, I still have to figure out how it will really be played out.  But i did have some trouble in creating one crucial element, the stairs to go from the lower deck to the upper.

     So I decided to use wooden dowels and wrap them in plastic, then create steps using the wrapping technique as well.  The plastic I used is called Polly Plastics.  It's a moldable plastic pellet kit.  It comes with 10 oz. of white pellets that melt clear and six baggies filled with color pellets that you can use to customize your plastic's color however you wish.
     On my first attempt, I ended up using 1 TBSP white, 10 gold pellets, and 4 black.  This is what it looked like after it sat in hot water for a minute and was played with.  The water has to be really hot.  I used my electric kettle to keep it at a nice temperature.
     It took a little getting used to, trying to find that balance between too soft and too hard and getting the plastic to mold together well.  But after some trial and error it went smoother and I was able to do mostly what I wanted.
     I think this has so much potential.  I'll be using it to create hairdos for my wooden peg people for use in future board games, as well as other cool artworks.  My kids especially loved seeing what you could do.  My favorite part is that you can use and reuse it.
     I would definitely recommend it for any crafty family.  To learn more, check out Polly Plastics on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

03 February, 2016

#XChef Manual Can Opener #Review

     My electric can opener isn't all I thought it would be.  I mean, it beats using a manual one on every can, but it definitely has it's flaws.  For instance, it wont open big cans.  It grabs a hold of a big can, tears through it for all it's worth for a whole 2 seconds, then stops like, "Nuh uh, I'm  done!"  Every time.  I end up having to repeat the process 20 times.
     So it's about time I got a manual can opener to assist.  This one is from X-Chef.  I love X-Chef.  It looks just like other X-Chef gadgets, which is awesome because it matches my peeler and a few other items I have.
     It seems pretty rugged as far as the handles and rotating part goes.  It's got a nice set of loops to hang it if you'd like.  I personally love hanging things in my kitchen.
     It opens a can very easily with no catching or grinding to a halt.  It did leave a small part unopened, likely because I removed it early and messed up the lid before reattaching it and trying to finish it off.  It served it's purpose though and the can was opened.
     It wasn't hard to place the opener on the can, sometimes with can openers that's an issue, but this one went on very slick.  The wheel was easy to turn and I was done in no time.  I am very happy with the can opener and I would recommend it.
     To learn more, check out X-Chef on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Cooking Utensil Set with Carousel #Review #ModernKitchen

     After being in limbo for a while with kitchen plans, I finally know what I want to do.  It means that I'm going to have to sand and repaint the bottom cupboards that I already painted black... but it will be worth it for the nice bright feeling the kitchen will have.  I want to go for a color feel similar to the kitchen above, just maybe a little less saturated.
     But I do want color in my kitchen, bright an vibrant colors, little pops here and there.  And one of those "pops" is going to be my new cooking utensil set.  Isn't it beautiful?  I love how much color it has and that no two have the same one.
     It takes up about as much counter space as a large empty flower vase, saving a ton of drawer space that the utensils would normally take up.  The carousel spins and does so easily.  The items are easy to take off and put on.
     The utensils each have a stand built right into the spoon to keep them still when you set them down, the stand also acts as a tool to keep them in a nice position while hanging and also to keep them lifted when in a pot.  The utensils are pretty unique looking and do their job well.  Maybe a little too well, my husband thought they were a little too non-stick.
      I just love this carousel and I absolutely recommend it for anyone wanting to add a little color to their kitchen.  To learn more, check out Momentum Home on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

02 February, 2016

Simply Coding JavaScript #Coding Course #Review #Simplycode

     My nephew is an amazing little guy.  He's all of 10 and knows how to change scripts and create mods for his video games.  No one taught him, he just picked it up.  He's so smart.  He inspired The Big One to want to learn coding so that she could better understand how games work.
     So we decided to check out coding courses and Simply Coding was nice enough to let us test out one of theirs.  We went with the JavaScript course, it shows you the basics of creating simple video games using Java Script.
     In the lessons, you first learn about the different parts of html, then you branch into what goes between the tags inside that html.  We learned about functions, variables, types, and methods.  We learned what each of those does and how to write them out correctly.  We learned how to make objects bounce, disappear, randomize, and change.
     The first game we did was Pong, basically ping pong in digital form.  It was easy to customize the objects and text in the game.  I used digital scrapping elements for the ball and paddles.
     We learned how to make objects interact with each other.  For instance, in the Fish game that we did next, we learned how to make it so that the big fish could eat smaller fish and grow.  We were also able to customize that one fairly easily.  We used a more decorative background and changed the fish up a little.  We controlled the big yellow fish you see up above.  It changed direction when we changed the arrow we were pressing.  In this second game we did come across the first flaw of the program.  We had to copy and paste the images from the Fish Image folder to the Pong Image folder because the code didn't work otherwise.  It was an easy fix and anyone with a good understanding of how computer things work could have figured it out, so I don't consider it a big downfall.
     The program does come with all the files you need for creating the games, including audio.  It comes in a downloadable WinZip file.  What's nice is that the program also comes with a cool 8 GB flash drive that looks similar to a key.  It's one of the coolest USB drives I have ever seen and it's a nice size storage too.
     Now, this is where I'm brutally honest.  I really don't think my daughter would be able to handle this course.  It's not that she's not smart, she's so incredibly smart... it's that the coding needs to be exact, you need to focus and memorize... I think my nephew could do it.  He has a head for this sort of thing.  I think The Big One might be more interested in html and website design.  This course is definitely for kids who are okay with techy speak, a sample code would be something like this:
enemy.scaleSize(.5 + Math.random() * 1.2);
enemy.moveTo(-enemy.getWidth(), Math.random()*(enemy.getClamp().y))
     I'm glad to have it though, it makes for a really fun time.  It was interesting to see what happened when I made small changes to things like friction, acceleration, etc.
     To learn more, check out Simply Coding on Facebook, Blogger, Instagram, Amazon, or on their website at SimplyCoding.org.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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