22 October, 2015

This is Boog.

     Hey, Guys!  This is Boog.  Boog says hi.  If you can't tell by the photo, he's quite the ham.  He likes to make people laugh and he's super smart.  He REALLY likes you.  How do I know?  Well... he keeps sneaking onto my computer and hijacking my blog to post messages.  Messages from himself... to you!  Isn't that sweet?  Well, maybe not so sweet when I'm in the middle of working and step away for a minute and come back to my posts being published for me... by a toddler.  Maybe not sweet THEN.  Well, I just thought I'd give him this chance to say hi to you now, since he obviously wants to very badly.  And if you happen to see a post that looks like maybe I passed out and landed on my keyboard, don't be alarmed.  There's no need to call the paramedics, it's just Boog, saying hi.
     Until next time!


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