20 October, 2015

Running #Exercisebelt With Expandable Pockets for Smart Phones #Review

     My Punkerbutt is unique.  She loves ninjas and wrestling as much as she loves horses and dolls.  She loves planning things.  She's already trying to start a business at age 9, yet she is the most lazy, unmotivated person ever sometimes.  She's so complex and silly sometimes that I don't ever know what to expect.  She always does her hair in weird styles and I'm constantly trying to figure her out.  The one thing that I know for sure is that she takes her things very seriously.  She does piles and boxes, bags and purses, shelves and sills... everything must be in a spot.  And I can tell you this, if Fanny Packs ever made a real come back, she's be first in line to get one just so she can carry her things around on her.
     Unfortunately for her, fanny packs really aren't in style like they used to be.  I've seen them, but they just aren't what the kids go for.  However, running belts are definitely an option.  And lucky for her, I happen to have one for her and she loves it.  It's the exercise running belt for smart phones from i2 Gear.  It's perfect for fitting smart phones, which is great cause she's getting one for Christmas.  No, not one with a phone plan on it, but one to use at home with wi-fi, like a mini tablet.  She will LOVE it.
     What's coolest about these belts, besides holding things you might need when you have no pockets, is that it can be easily tucked away under a shirt.  And it will hold a big smart phone, so if she ends up getting a larger one, it will work well for her.  Also, the pocket is big enough for other things.  Like lately, she has really liked having a flashlight handy, don't ask me why, but it will fit.  She could use it to hold the coupons from our reward system at home so they re always one her in case we go out.  I don;t let the kids cash in their coupons if they don;t have them on them at the time... trust issues.
      Another awesome thing about this belt, made for runners, is that it has pockets that are small and much the width of an actual belt until you put something in it.  So the belt is pretty thin, but expands to hold things the size of large smart phones.  Pretty cool!  Since my daughter will be using it, I'm sure it will be used for necklaces, key chains, and small toys or such, but runners can use it to carry credit cards, ID, money, wedding ring, inhaler, anything you think you might need while out on the road.

     The belt fastens together with a buckle. It's adjustable so that smaller people can use it.  It doesn't adjust as small as other belts I have had, but it will fit any big kid or small adult and up to about an XL.  I don't like to put myself out there like this, but I'm an XL and it's snug.

     This belt is definitely a great gift for a runner or maybe even just someone who is always wearing jogging pants with no pockets.  It's a really handy accessory to have.  Do you run?
     To learn more, check out i2 Gear on Facebook, Amazon, and on their website at i2gear.com

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


savvygirl65 said...

I like this belt. I definitely could use this when I go walking. I hate holding my phone when I'm trying to walk.
Sherri J

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