19 October, 2015

X-Chef Stainless Steel Dual Julienne Peeler #Review #B0129AICNK

     I've been married now for little over 7 years.  At our wedding, we got the coolest kitchen set.  It had no name on the gift and I had no idea who to thank.  If that was you and you're reading this now... THANK YOU!!!  This kit had measuring cups and spoons, knives, silicone pastry brushes and spatulas.  It wasn't a huge kit, but the items in it were awesome.  My favorite was the peeler.  Truth be told, one side of the peeler snapped pretty quickly, but it was the side that didn't matter and the other half stayed sharp for the entire time I had it.  I don't know what happened to it.  I suppose I could have accidentally stored it away, but I haven't seen it in quite some time.  I think maybe it was an accidental casualty, like my pizza cutter that got thrown with the box.  RIP, pizza cutter.
     Anyways, I loved it because it worked so well.  Much like this peeler that I just got.  It's the Stainless Steel Dual Juliene Peeler from X-Chef and to be honest, I full intended to try it, wash it, and place it in a kitchen gift basket for the sister-in-law.  But I've decided that I just have to be selfish on this one and keep it.  I'm never selfish and I feel guilty over it, but not guilty enough to hand it over, because this thing rocks!!!
     It's a beast, look at this thing!  The other peeler in the photo is a normal sized peeler that fits nicely in the palm.  I know photos never do justice when trying to size things up, but there is definitely a difference.  the peeler is amazing.
     First of all, do you ever peel potatoes and the potato is a little rough to hold onto because it's a touch slippery?  Well this peeler gives the vegetable the most awesome texture.  It becomes ribbed, it's so cool!  It makes it more grippy and easier to hold onto.
     The julienne side of the peeler, I thought sliced the vegetable a little too thin for my preference, but it sliced it so easily that it's hard to be anything but excited.  What comes of it is a pretty great substitute for noodles.  And if you slice carrots like that, it would make a nice addition to a salad.  It would also make great hash browns.
     There isn't enough that I can say about this peeler.  It's definitely the best that I have ever owned.  It's rugged and seems like it will never break.  It has  a regular serrated peeler and a julienne peeler, plus two parts for digging out eyes and other bad parts of the vegetable.  It also has a helpful loop at the end of the handle to hang it from and a rubber protective cover.
     It also comes with a little cleaning brush, not that you'll likely need it.  This thing cleaned so easy for me, just a light wash with soapy water.  The only issue that I had with it at all is that sometimes, because of the serrated edge, peelings would get stuck onto the peeler and make peeling difficult unless I took the time to pull it off.
     But this peeler is worth a little sticking.  It's super durable, peels like a beast, and comes with everything you could think of for a peeler to come with.  So I definitely, whole-heartedly recommend this peeler.  It won't disappoint.  Do you ever julienne?
     To learn more, check out X-Chef on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Julie Waldron said...

I would love one of these. It would be great for homemade hashbrowns or cutting up carrots for a salad.

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