23 October, 2015

Pets+ Dog Training #DogWhistle #Review

     This is Rosco.  Regardless of anything that I say about Rosco in the next few paragraphs, I do love him.  I swear, I do.  He's loving, loyal, and protective.  He's mostly obedient and he's like a shop vac when spills happen.  He's awesome.
     Rosco has one little problem though.  He barks.  He didn't used to bark all the time, but this past year it's been all the time.  I don't know if he thinks he's showing off for the other dogs that live here or what.  But he barks all day long.  He barks if he needs to go out, he used to gently paw the door.  He barks when he's thirsty, he used to gently paw his dish.  He barks when the weather is nice or the grass is green or the sun is still in the sky.  See what I'm saying?  It's constant.  He used to paw things or do this really irritating half yawn thing that gave me chills.  But now he barks.
     It's loud.  It's also the kind of bark that goes in one ear, ricochets off your skull, vibrates through your entire brain, down your brain stem and into your jaw, where it finally makes it's way out your other ear and leaves a sour taste in your mouth.  How does it even do that!?  And the jerk will come and sit by you lovingly and be there a minute, then suddenly and without warning he will bark.  Loud.  Right in your face.  It makes you want to throw the nearest object at him.  It will startle a person 9 times out of 10.
     I looked into collars, but I haven't taken that step yet.  I'm kinda hoping that other measures will work.  So I'm trying this dog whistle from Pets+.  The plan is, you use it to train your dog.  I think it would be ideal if you start when they are a puppy, but it is what it is.  Rosco just celebrated his 6th birthday in July, he's no puppy anymore.
     The whistle is sold as an ultrasonic whistle to help stop your dog from barking.  While I found both of those claims to be quite inaccurate.The whistle was definitely loud and audible, and my dog barked back at me when I blew on it.  I think he thought I was playing.  The whistle makes a great survival whistle for when you are out hiking though.  It will definitely get you heard.  By humans.  When Boogie realized the kind of noise it was, it became his new favorite thing.  I think he just liked seeing the expressions on people's faces.
     It does have a pretty neat feature though, and that is that you can change the frequency of it.  So if the high pitched whistle kills your ear drums, you can bring it down a bit and lock it into place.  You do this by adjusting the screw at the end and then tightening the wheel to keep the whistle in place.  It also comes with a lanyard.
     I'm gonna go ahead and say that as a dog whistle, I can't really recommend it.  It's not ultrasonic, not like what you'd think you'd get for a dog whistle.  For a hiking or personal safety whistle, I would definitely recommend it.  Blow this sucker in an assailant's ears and they will shrivel up and cry out to their mommy.   So I guess it would depend on what you want it for.  I mean, it is a nice whistle and it fit on your key chain or on your coat zipper... It will fit pretty much anywhere.  It's just not ultrasonic.
     Do you use a dog whistle?  What's been your experience with one?
     To learn more, check out Pets+ on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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