19 October, 2015

Baby Food Pouches #Review #BabyGoGreenPouch

     Between soccer practices and games, extracurriculars like outside classes, community events, and playgrounds, and things like errands and household duties... meals can be really difficult some nights.  Just a couple nights ago, we were rushing off to a soccer game and dinner was running late, we had to take it into the van.  It was rice and veggies with a terriyaki style sauce.  Not exactly van friendly.  Sometimes I wish I had an endless take-out budget to save me time and frustration.
     But there are things that help.  I'll be using these food pouches from Baby, Go Green.  They aren't the go-to solution for all foods, but anything from mashed potatoes to mac and cheese... you betcha!
     Thank goodness the soccer season is wrapping up.  But for the next week or two, we still have practices and then we start basketball, so the plan is to bring supper on the go in the form of soup, pasta or some other mushy food for those night.  And to make sure it would work, we tried it out ahead of time.  Boog and I made some of our super delicious mashed potatoes with Harvest Blend Seasonings and had it for breakfast.  We packed our cool new food pouches and sucked away while enjoying our morning.
     What's cool about these pouches is that they are a whole ounce bigger than most others.  These bags are 5 fl. oz. and would hold enough to definitely hold a kid over between meals, if not fill them.  And if you have enough pouches, you could put mashed potatoes in one, creamed style corn in another, and pack it with a drumstick in a zippered baggie.  BAM!  Dinner to-go!
     And for an added bonus to me, there were five pouches in the pack that I got, perfect for my family.  I never see packages of five anything, it's usually 4 or 8.  I need five, so I was happy.  Super happy!  I know for a lot of people that will seem like either a trivial thing.  But having to buy two packs just to have enough is always a pain.
     The pouches worked great for us.  It tended to be a bit messy filling, but that's to be expected.  Things like soup would be way easier.  I definitely recommend these pouches if you're thinking about food pouches for your family.  Have you tried food pouches before?
     To learn more, check out Baby Go-Green on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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