27 December, 2010

Smart Rinse Mouth Wash

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06 December, 2010

***NachoMama Tees Review and Giveaway***

Do you need a fun new shirt?  Nachomama Tees might have just what you are looking for.  From vintage t-shirts to offensive ones and everything in between.  They have an amazing selection.
I happen to like their girls t-shirts best.  I've been going through a girlie phase the last few years.  I'm starting to collect jewelry and make-up and all that jazz, and the girls t-shirts just speak to me.  Like this one, which I absolutely adore:

But I also love the vintage and the 80's t-shirts too.  Like this one:

I always had at least one person in my family pass from the runs.  But lets get down to business.

Are they comfortable?  Yes, quite comfy actually.
Are they well made?  I think so.
Are they accurate to the size?  I thought mine was a bit over-sized, but better over than under, right?
There's really not much else to know.  The white shirts are a bit see through, so wear a tank, but most t-shirts are, so no surprise there.
Am I pleased?  Yes, very much.
I guess you wanna see which shirt I got, right?
I love Facebook.  Forgive the crappy pic.  my husband was too into his video game to stop and take a picture *eye roll*

Do you want one?  Of course you do, so here is how to score one:

Crazy Dog T-Shirts is letting one winner choose between a mystery tee from Nachomama Tees OR a $15 Gift Certificate for a shirt of their choosing.  US only, sorry.  You may not have won a shirt in the past 90 days to be eligible.  Contest ends December 13th at 11:59pm EST.  No replies made after that are eligible for entry.

Be a follower of My Everything Blog.

Follow Nachomama Tee's parent company, Crazy Dog T-Shirts on Facebook.
Leave a comment on CD's wall telling them your favorite shirt or asking a question about their shirts.
"Share" one of their shirts using the buttons above the shirt on the product page.
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Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

"Nellie's PVC-Free Dryer Balls Review"

In the winter time it is hard to conserve energy.  In the summer time, you can open a window to help cool your home, you can cool on a grill to save electricity or eat cold foods to keep yourself cool.  You can even hang your clothes outside and save tons in laundry costs.  But in the winter, you can not just open a window, or eat outside, and you will probably want to cook most of your food to keep yourself warm.  But there is one thing you can do to help lower costs this year.
If you've never tried Dryer Balls, I think you should give them a shot.  And EcoMom has a great set of them from Nellie's.  They are PVC free and they help to fluff your clothes while also cutting down time in the dryer.

I tried these out and noticed a significant change in the softness of my clothes and a noticeable change in how long they stayed in the dryer.  My clothes were taking 2 dry cycles.  Now, they take 1, MAYBE a few minutes more, but usually a little less.  How does it work?

Nellie's PVC Free Dryer Balls bounce around inside the dryer, separating the fabrics while also relaxing the fibers.  You get less wrinkles, less link and more absorbent towels.  Which means... fewer towels used, less laundry done.
And you can also buy these pretty cool fragrance sticks that can go inside your dryer balls to make your clothes smell nice.  Wouldn't it be nice to never have to pull off those static-ridden dryer sheets from your clothes again?  Yea, I think so too.  You can find Nellie's PVC Free Dryer Balls at EcoMom, along with an astonishing number of other great eco-friendly products.  I recommend checking them out.

What do you do to cut energy costs in the winter?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

01 December, 2010

***C. Baltzer Art Review***

What do you get when you combine recycling with artistic talent?  You get C. Baltzer.  Her recycled wine bottle spoon rests and cheese plates are recycling at it's best.  And if you are into beer, well... she's got beer too.  These plates are so beautiful.  They have cork pads on the bottom so that they are easy on your counter tops and they come with a knife just perfect for dipping into soft cheeses.  This one is an olive color when held to the light.
But of course, my favorite feature is the green feature.  I absolutely love when something can be repurposed and actually look good and be useful.  I plan to use this plate at all the family get-togethers. 
But C. Baltzer doesn't just do plates.  Together with her husband, she makes beautiful one of a kind butterfly necklaces from ceramics that are painted, then glazed and then kiln fired.  And because each one is hand painted, you can be sure that yours is absolutely unique.  Check out some of these butterflies:

Each necklace comes on an 18" chain unless you specify otherwise.  These necklaces are perfect for that butterfly lover in your family.  Or even for any woman that likes jewelry.  It's sure to make her feel beautiful.
Besides plates and jewelry, C. Baltzer also sells watercolor and acrylic paintings and photographs that she has done.  What a talented woman to be able to do so many things.  You should definitely check her out on Etsy.  She's got some great things that would make for really nice gifts this holiday season.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

30 November, 2010

***RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor Review***

My daughter is afraid of the dark.  Deathly afraid.  For years she has slept with the light on, or at the very least a blue screen from the TV.  It costs a lot of money to keep her light on all night.  I've thought of getting a night light, but with my luck, the girls would have it unplugged and lost in minutes.  That's where RoomMates comes in.  RoomMates is a company that sells Peel and Stick Wall Decor for your home.  They have tons to choose from.  They have life size Tink to peel and stick mirrors.

RoomMates let me review their Celestial Glow in the Dark Wall Decals.  It comes on 4 sheets that are 10"x18".  There are over 250 stars and planets!  I had enough to make a pretty decent border around The Big One's room.  I don't think it's completely taken her fear away.  I don't think anything can, but she does like to look at them, and I think that is  great start.
I'd love to go back to RoomMates sometime and get one or two of their Giant Wall Decals, like one of their castles perhaps or maybe even a mural.  They have awesome murals.
And one of my favorite things about RoomMates... the custom decals.  You can take a picture of your child and turn it into a life-sized wall decal!  Or anything really, don't have a child, what about your dog or maybe that silhouette photo of you and your significant other.  The possibilities are endless! There's lots more that RoomMates has to offer, so why don't you stop on by?  I bet you can find some great ideas for Christmas there.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

26 November, 2010

***Mairwear Beanies Review and Giveaway***

If there is anything that I can appreciate, it is a good quality home made product.  Something that took time and passion to make and something that you feel proud to wear.  MairWear beanies is a prime example of that.   I was so blessed to be able to review MairWear beanies for myself.  MairWear's creator and owner is so nice.  She has to be the nicest representative that I have dealt with.  I was so impressed with her communication and her interest in working together.

I found MairWear on Etsy.  Right away her beanies stood out to me.  They were beautiful and classic, they looked well made too.  When I got them in the mail, even knowing that they looked like they were finely made beanies... I was still surprised at just how awesome they were.  I wear mine every day.  It's hard to explain just how well made they are until you see it yourself.  But maybe these pictures will show you a little bit.
MairWear makes several kinds of beanies.  You can order them with stars or stripes, lacy or embellished.  And if you get the kind with a flower, the flower comes off.  You can swap out the flowers to better match your outfit. I added it to a piece of crap hat I made in high school and it made it look like it wasn't that bad of a hat!  see?
NOTE:  That hat is NOT a MairWear hat.  Her hats are better ;)  Sooooo much better.

Here are a few examples of hats you can get at MairWear:

Aren't they beautiful?   I would love to be able to create something like that.  And now that winter is here, they would make an awesome gift.  But even when winter is over, these hats are stylish enough to wear all year round, and I intend to.  And do you know what?  Mary over at MairWear has been so generous, that she is offering one of her incredible custom, handmade beanies to some lucky winner.  Here's the deal.

Contest ends December 10th at 11:59EST.

Leave a comment, any comment (just one!)

"Heart" MairWear on Etsy.
"Like" MairWear on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

23 November, 2010

***United States Trivia Pack Review***

Did you know that Portland was Maine's first capital?  I live in Maine and I didn't know.  In fact, there are a lot of things I didn't know, like the fact that Smokey Bear was a real bear or that the tallest person in history came from Illinois.  The United States is full of interesting history and facts.

The United States Trivia Pack from Python Printable Games has loads of trivia on all the states.  750 questions to be exact, with lots of ways to earn points.  This trivia game will have you stumped and it will keep you entertained as you and your family try to outscore each other.

And Python Printable Games does not do just trivia or just history, it does loads more.  They have free coloring pages and a few free games too.  And for sale, they have everything you could think of as far as printable games.  Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, paper dolls, spot the difference...  you name it.
kggygffdereww223rghgbvghjhbnnnbhv fc/'[-p;..;

I really enjoyed learning about the states and I will be laminating these to keep for a long time.  i know they will be great reference for when the kiddlets are older.

So, let's talk about the pros and cons.

Great information.
Nice artwork on each page.
Mixes must know facts with silly tidbit facts.
Lots of chances for points.

The font varies from page to page, so if you are OCD, it might bother you.

Do you like trivia games?
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***SnugZee Review and Winner***

A few weeks ago, we had a giveaway for the SnugZee baby head support.  It's an incredible alternative to those bland and frustrating U-shaped ones.  With those, you have to put it behind the baby and make sure that the straps can come through the slots.  And because of that, you can only use them for so long.

I admit it, I am quickly becoming a car seat nazi.  The idea of a "large" 7 month old baby facing forward makes me want to strangle the poor child's mother.  And all too often, I see children with their chest buckles down to their belly button and it's all I can do to not reach over and pull that thing up
Now that Baby Bee is a little over 6 months old, she is too big for her head support, but still very small.  This had me stressed.  So I was thrilled when SnugZee decided to let me review their head supports.  I can't even tell you how much peace of mind it gives me to know that her poor head is being supported and not flopping around back there.

She can be comfortable and go to sleep and if her car seat gets bumped, her head won't go bobbing and hit the side of her seat, so she doesn't wake up.  I love it!

And it's also stylish.  They have a ton of fabrics to choose from.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

And right now, you can score 10% off your SnugZee purchase by tweeting about it.  How cool is that?

One of you had a chance to win a set of SnugZee's for yourself.  I'm happy to announce that the winner is:


Congrats!  I will be e-mailing you for your information later today.
Winning comment:
throuthehaze said...
I like the Lou fabric :) throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

22 November, 2010

***Home Studio Scrabble Pendants Review and Giveaway***

Who knew that something so beautiful could be made from something so ordinary?  Something so ordinary that most people have it in their homes.  Something like a scrabble pendant, of all things.  I'm talking about these  gorgeous scrabble tile pendants from Home Studio.

I was so excited when Home Studio agreed to do a review with me.  I chose to review this pendant with "Happily Ever After" written on it:
It's absolutely beautiful.  In case you are wondering, this one was made from the Y tile.  It's worth 4 points.  But seriously though, the chain (sold separately) is lovely.  The charm is lovely.  The whole pendant is lovely.  It would make a wonderful gift this holiday season.

What I love about Home Studio is that the pendants vary so much.  You can get a whimsical pendant, such as this Papillon one:

Or a craft one like this Indie Craft pendant.  I love this one.  In fact, I can think of plenty of women who would love this one:
 And if pendants aren't really your thing, there are always earrings or magnet sets available too.
Right now, Home Studio is running a fundraiser.  FIFTY PERCENT of the sales from this Rainbow Cloud Pendant goes to The City of Hope/ Kidney Cancer Research in Kristine Marie Pearson Rau's name.  And 20% of all other sales from Home Studio will be donate as well. To learn about Kristine and to find out how you can help others like her, please stop by Home Studio's Etsy Shop.  And be sure to read ordering instructions carefully in order to make the donation.  This is a really great thing that Home Studio is doing.
Home Studio has graciously offered two pendants on a snake chain (winner's choice) to one lucky reader.  How awesome is that?  Here's what you have to do.

Contest ends 11:59pm EST on December 6th, 2010.

Go to Home Studio Etsy shop and tell me which two pendants strike your fancy.

Heart Home Studio's Etsy shop.
Blog about this giveaway (leave link).
Grab my button (leave link).

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19 November, 2010

***Eden Home Snack Bag Review***

Back when I was in elementary school, my mom used to bring us three towns over just to go to school every day.  It was no wonder that she didn't have the time every morning to make lunch for the day.  But she never failed to deliver.  She always hung out at my grandmother's house right in the same town, and on the days that she didn't have time to get lunch done before school, she made us a lunch and made a second trip to the school to drop it off to us at recess.

Back in those days, we brown bagged it for lunch.  Not the most attractive way to carry your lunch, or protective for that matter.  And I guess since it was freshly made right before lunch time, we had no need for a cooler compartment to put the ice pack into. 

But unlike me when I was a child, my children do not go to a private school towns over, they go to a public school 4 miles down the road.  They take the bus and gas is expensive, so my kids will either get lunch at the school, or bring it with them in the morning.

The Big One likes to fit in.  She is very big on being "in".  So when everyone else was bringing lunch in, she wanted to also bring in her own lunch.  She used a pink bag that was shaped like a pig with a drawstring in one end.  She LOVED it last year.  But this year, she told me that people were making fun of it.  I'm not sure that that is really what was going on, but she felt uncomfortable bringing it anyways, so we had a problem.

Eden Home was nice enough to allow me to try out one of their products.  When I saw that they sold snack bags, I jumped at the chance to try one out.  I chose the Bumble collection Hannah Large size Snack Bag in Pink Paisley.  And man, you should have seen The Big One's face when she saw it.   She was psyched!  We just knew that she wouldn't be made fun of anymore.

It is all silver insulation on the inside with a pocket to hold your hot/cold pack.  It has removable sections so that you can change the inside around and make longer sections for bigger items.  The outside is unbelievably soft.  It's just a beautiful bag.  It comes in several designs that are cool for boys or girls.  It's BPA free too.  I am happy about that.

They sell smaller snack bags too that match in case the Large size is too big.  Isn't it cute?
But Eden Home has so much more than snack Bags.  They also have organic baby products, clothes, and stuff for your kitchen.  I love Eden Home and I think you will too.  So please check them out!

What kind of lunch box did you have as a child?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory
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