12 October, 2015

#HealthywiserpH Strips for Better Healthy #Review

     Did you know that a human body can become too acidic or too alkaline and unhealthy as a result?  Do you suffer from headaches, weight gain, or indigestion?  Those could be signs that your body is too acidic.  What about arthritis, insomnia, or body stiffness?  Those could be sins that your body is too alkaline.  When the PH in your body is off, it's hard for the enzymes to work properly and keep your body functioning the right way.  So it's good to know how your body is doing and what it's PH level is.
     Turns out that mine is a bit on the acidic side.  How do I know?  I used PH Strips from HealthyWiser to check.  They are little paper strips, a lot like the ones you use for aquariums, but these are for you.  You can test using saliva or urine.  I decided to go the saliva route.  Basically, you spit into a spoon, then dip the strip in and wait 15 seconds.
     The result varied day by day, but it always came up just slightly acidic.  It's important when testing that you not eat or drink anything for a couple hours before using the strips.  It's probably best to do it in the morning before brushing your teeth or maybe early evening before supper.
     And surprisingly enough, it turns out that if you are too acidic, like myself, a great way to combat that is to eat lemons.  Yeah, lemons... and other citrus.  Can you imagine?  So I guess that's the plan for me.  Citrus.  And I guess coffee is a big culprit of acidity.  So is tea.  Guess what I drink the most.... come on....  Alright, I'll tell you.  Water!  Nah, just kidding.  It's coffee and sweetened tea.  I guess it would account for that.
     So, because your health could really be improved with this knowledge, I definitely think that everyone should know whether they are acidic or alkaline and should keep a set of strips on hand.  It's probably as crucial to your health as your weight is.  I would recommend these to anyone who is health conscious.  Have you ever had your PH balance tested?
     To learn more, check out HealthyWiser on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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