06 October, 2015

#GenTeck 10 Foot Long Lightning Cable #Giveaway !!!

     Morning!!!  How's it going, guys?  You know what's crazy?  I completely forgot to mention that I have a little something to give to you!  My brain is mush lately, it happens.  You should have seen me yesterday.  We lost power last week with all the rain, and the clock on the stove was blinking for several days.  Well, I went to heat up some leftover french fries and had to stop the clock from blinking first so that I could turn the oven on.  So I just stopped it from blinking without setting it for the actual time.  That little voice in my head that I NEVER listen to said "Just take a second, Stupid, and find out the real time or this could really mess someone up".  Then that more powerful voice that's slightly idiotic said "Seriously, how could it mess anyone up?  No one uses it".
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     Fast forwards a few days and the rain storms and power outages are all but forgotten.  I'm throwing up some posts and checking out Facebook, then I get up to do God-knows-what in the kitchen and I glance over at the stove.  Hmmm... 12:50.  And then I smell Boog.  Ewww, he needs a shower.  So we take one, because you know, it's only 12:50.  And we soak for a while because it's only 12:50.  And we take extra long getting dressed and playing around because it's only 12:50.  See where I'm going with this?  I get out and re-check that clock we never use.  It's 1:30, I have enough time to finish up the post I'm working on before heading down to get the girls at 2:00.  So I sit at the computer and out of habit, check the time.


     I'm over a HOUR late picking them up!  Would they even still be there!?  I throw Boog in the van and think to myself that I have just enough time to race to the school, and if they aren't there, to come back for the bus.  So I book-it down town, chastising myself the whole way.  'How could I be so stupid?  Why wasn't the clock blinking?  Who the heck set it for that time?  Oh, that's right, Dummy... YOU did!  Why don't you ever listen to that smart voice, you always listen to the lazy one.  You thought being 10 minutes late was bad... this is terrible!  Remember that article you read a few weeks ago about the parents who missed pick-up and they called child services?  That's gonna be you if you don't get your act together.'  And then I pull into the school and my heart sinks a little.   'Is that a cop in the parking lot?  Oh my goodness, they actually did it!  They finally called the cops on me for always being late, I'm such a loser.  I really did it this time!  An hour late, seriously!  IDIOT!... No wait, that only LOOKS like a sheriff emblem.  Phew!'

     I rush in and see the principal, the kids caught the bus home.  They must have figured I fell asleep.  Good plan, guys.  So I race home.  On the way home, I see a flat nosed bus coming off a side road that I know is the last road our driver takes before dropping any left over kids off at the school.  It looks like the bus our driver just got as a replacement.  'How many flat-noses could be running in this area?  Has to be him'.  I take that road.  'Wait, that's a lady driver... I think..?'  So I take the road the way I know that he takes it so that I can catch him in case he already tried going to my house.  It loops around to my house.  No sign of him.  'Maybe that WAS him!  It did look like his bus.'  So I keep going.  I go past my house thinking I could catch him on the way if it wasn't him.  I didn't want to sit and wait in my driveway if that was him.  I have no phone to know one way or the other.  There's still no sign of him.  'That had to have been him, I should have just followed him when I saw him on that road, how could I think that was a girl?  He looks nothing like a girl!"
     So now I'm headed back to the school.  I get there and run in real quick.  I left Boog in the van because it's a small town, the parking lot is empty and I plan to be in there for about 10 seconds.  I take the keys with me.  I get in and the janitor asks me if I'm looking for somebody.  Ya know, only my kids...  So he directs me to where the principal and a 4th grade teacher are.  The teacher asks me what I need, to which I respond rather embarrassingly, "My kids..."  She must have seen the humiliation and worry on my face.  Not so much worry for the kids' sake, they will be fine.  Worried they think I don't care, maybe, and worried that I'm coming off as a much bigger loser than I ever thought was possible back when I was only 10 or 15 minutes late.  *sigh*  I made sure to explain that my clock was wrong, I don't try to be a loser on purpose. 
     So the principal phones the driver, meanwhile I grab Boog, cause this won't be 10 seconds.  Driver is at my house right now. 'So that was a girl driver!'  We decide that it's best to just drop them off at the house and I will be there ASAP, The Big One is in charge.  So I leave the school and the janitor who didn't see Boog the first time looks at me a bit strange and asks "Was THAT the kid you were looking for!?"  Ha, no Mr. Janitor, apparently this is the only one that I CAN keep track of.  I race off yet again.  And I think to myself, 'Now I need to get them in the van when I get home and make another trip in town for Dunkin' cause I didn't get to stop with all this racing.  I've spent like 10 bucks today just on gas to go get them from school.  I don't know if I even have gas for soccer this week or anything else...'  Then I thought, 'Ya know what?  Dunkin is right there, like RIGHT there. It would seriously take less than 2 minutes to grab a coffee now.  They can survive the extra 2 minutes without me.'
     Yeah, not my proudest Mommy moment, especially when passing the driver on the way home and getting that look like 'Why aren't you home yet?'  But they did survive.  They were all in the house and hadn't even turned on the Game Cube yet.  Yeah, we're old school, we do Game Cube.  But anyways, here I sit the morning after, barely 4 sips taken from said coffee.  It is now today's coffee and I vow to actually set that clock, but I probably won't.  I like to keep myself on my toes.
     Really though, I'm glad you couldn't be there for it.  It was bad enough with just the few people who were there for it.  I am at that point in my life where my brain just does NOT work.  That's why I forgot about the giveaway and I'm sorry about that.  But I do have something!  It's a 10 Foot Long Lightning Cable for iPhones, iPods, and iPads just like the one I wrote about a few days ago.  Remember that post?  Well this one is for you, you just have to enter to win.  I have a few new ways to enter on this one, but a lot are the same, so if you entered the last giveaway, this one will have lots of entry points that you won't even need to do anything for.  So please, enter and tell your friends!  And remember, it only charges Apple products with a lightning cable connector, not the wide 40 pin connector.  That's important :)
     Who would you win this for?

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Heather Sebastian said...

I'd love to win this for my husband :)

Angela Saver said...

I would love to win this for my daughter!

Austin Baroudi said...

I'd like to win this for my sister.

Jenna H said...

I would love to win this for my son!

latanya t said...

for my husband

Kimberly Bauer said...

I would love to win this for my daughter. When her phone dies and she wants to charge it and still be on the phone she has a hard time because she sleeps on the top bunk and her charger isn't long enough;)

Julie Waldron said...

I would like to win this for my family to use.

Darlene said...

I would love to win this for myself.

savvygirl65 said...

I would win this for my kids...they need an extra long cord.
Sherri J

savvygirl65 said...

I left a comment under the post #Exercisebelt With Expandable Pockets for Smart Phones #Review as savvygirl65. Sherri J

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