22 October, 2015

SelPHbalance PH Testing Strips #Review #SelpHbalanceStrips

     Recently I found out that my body is a touch acidic.  That's called Acidosis, it means that my blood acidity level is under a PH level of 7.35.  In fact it was closer to 6.0, yikes!  Acidosis can cause a whole slew of unspecific symptoms, such as headaches, confusion, and even anxiety.  And if your blood is too alkaline, it can cause different symptoms, such as weakness, muscle pain, cramps, and spasms.  These things can all get worse if the acidity or alkalinity get worse and go untreated.
     So how did I know that my body was too acidic?  It wasn't through some costly doctor's visit, that's for sure!  Nope, it was thanks to a box of PH testing strips.  You can test using saliva or urine, whichever you prefer.  I prefer saliva personally.  All you have to do for that is just spit in a spoon and dip it in.
     Since then, I've been trying to drink more water and watch my dairy intake.  I haven't seen that dairy increases acidity, in fact, I read that dairy has no affect on it at all.  However, I'm lactose intolerant and for the last decade or more, I've been... well... let's just say that most things I ate just went right through me.  I had no idea what was wrong until very recently.  But it turns out that chronic going-right-through tends to cause acidosis, as well as coffee, Parmesan cheese, grains, proteins, and a slew of other foods.  So I retested using SelPHbalance PH Testing Strips.
     Well, I'm happy to say that I'm slightly less acidic than before.  According to my new results, I'm at roughly 6.5-6.75 compared to the 6.0 I was at before.  Way better!
     To be honest, I did find it a little hard to read the strip, the colors seemed a little off from any sample color on the package, but I think the closest was the 6.75 or even 7.0.  What do you think?
     Do you know what?  Maybe it's coincidence, but I feel much less anxiety lately and I have more energy and I can focus... I wonder if it's in part because the acidity level is going down.  Maybe not, maybe it's from something else.  But it's nice.
     I definitely think that this is useful information to have and could potentially help you to feel better all around if used correctly.  Have you ever tested your PH level?
     To learn more, check out SelPHbalance on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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