07 October, 2015

Terry Treetop Finds New Friends #Ebook #Review #Promotion

     Speaking of Tali Carmi... have you seen the Terry Treetop books yet?  It's a book series about this little red-haired, freckled tree climber who spends a lot of his time in his tree house, goes on all kinds of adventures, and helps any animal that might need help along the way.  He's pretty rough around the edges, but he's got a heart of gold.  He's a pretty great role model for little kids and I've written about him before.  I wrote about him once when he found an egg and helped it get home and once when he helped a baby bear out of a tough situation.
     Terry Treetop Finds New Friends is a book about the beginning of his tree house adventures.  His father has just made him a tree house, but he has no friends to share it with.  So little Terry packs a bag and sets out to be proactive in getting some.  I love that he takes the situation into his own hands and makes the change himself.
     Along his journey, he finds many busy animals along the way who are just too task oriented to be able to spend time with Terry.  Terry starts to feel a little understandably bummed.  When it starts to get late, poor Terry chalks it up to a lost cause and heads home.
     But it wouldn't be a Terry book if there wasn't some poor creature in need of help that only Terry can provide.  And sure enough, on the way home, Terry comes across a kitten stuck in a tree.  While all the other animals worriedly watch, Terry springs into action.  And the animals all realize that maybe Terry is a fellow worth getting to know, even if they have to make time for him.
     I think your kids will fall right in love with Terry and will love how he helps those in need.  I definitely recommend the Terry Treetop series for anyone with young kids.  What book character do you think makes a good role model for kids? 
     To learn more, check out Tali's Facebook or Twitter.

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