13 October, 2015

MY Konjac Bamboo Charcoal #KonjacSponge #Review and #Giveaway

     I think that as an adult, I get almost as much acne as when I was a teen.  Not quite as much, but I do still get small breakouts quite often.  It's embarrassing and leaves me feeling less than confident.  I wish my face could just be clear.  Why can't faces just be clear?  I notice whenever I wear Chapstick to bed to heal my lips from the cold, dry air, that's when I break out the most.  And winter is coming right up, so it's just about time that I see a lot of acne pop up.
     So what can I do about it?  Well... I hear that activated charcoal is great for that.  And I have activated charcoal.  Thing is, I'm not super keen on the mess that will come of me painting my face with black sooty powder.  I don't want to stain my clothes.  I'll leave the charcoal for brushing teeth and sipping on.  It'd be cool to get the benefits of the charcoal without the mess.  That's where the My Konjac Activated Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge comes in.
     The konjac bamboo charcoal sponge helps rid the surface of your skin from toxins and other things that might cause acne.  You don't even need soap, but you can use a cleanser if you'd like.  Because activated charcoal attracts toxins and chemicals and some cleansers HAVE chemicals... I decide to use it without.  I saw nice results without anyway.
     The sponge is like no other sponge you have ever felt.  It's slick and bouncy with a smoother surface than most sponges.  The bounciness is unreal, it's so unique, I love it.  The first time that I used it, it was like a light rock.  After getting it wet, it stayed squishy for a long time.  Finally, over a period of a few days I let it dry out and it definitely dried out.  It became very thin and hard, but bounced back to life after a good soak in the water.
     After scrubbing my face with it, my face feels very clean and fresh, very oil-free.  The feeling is very nice.  It feels light and smooth and refreshed.  I've never gotten that feeling using no cleaner before.  And I am already seeing a difference.  So I would definitely recommend a Konjac charcoal sponge like this one for anyone who struggles with acne.  I would also recommend it as part of a spa-style gift for the holidays.  It's a keeper for sure!  What do you use for your face?
     Well, usually this is where I'd tell you how to learn more, and I will... but first it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!  You seriously want to win this one, so here's the deal:  Enter like usual, by using the Rafflecopter below.  Sharing is super appreciated and you can earn entries every day by sharing.  So I fully recommend that :)  Good luck! 
     To learn more, check out MY Konjac on Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

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Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Angela Saver said...

I currently just use a washcloth on my face!

Austin Baroudi said...

I use a luffa.

helenlam said...

I usually just use my hands and a washcloth to dry

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