21 October, 2015

#MidoriSpring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Pea Powder #Review

     Ive pretty much accepted that I will have cancer at one point or another.  Both grandmothers had breast cancer and I really think it's a very high possibility for me as well, even if numbers say otherwise due to my child-bearing and nursing habits.  I've also been told by the doctor that I have a 30% chance of getting cervical cancer in this lifetime and I've already been through procedures to cut away pre-cancer.  It's scary, I won't lie.  That's why somewhere deep in me, I've got this need to be healthier, to eat less sugar, breathe deeper, and drink more water.  I might be a highly unmotivated person in general (just doing laundry yesterday pulled a muscle... shows how often I do it), but that deep personal need is there and I'm trying to listen to it.
     I'm drinking WAY more water than I was even a year ago and getting better every week.  I'm eating more salad too.  And lately I've added Matcha to my diet.  A week or two ago, I talked a bit about Matcha.  Since then, I have been doing more research to find out why this stuff is good for you.  It's considered a super food.  I already knew that it has about 15x the antioxidants as blueberries or pomegranates.  We're talking about fruits that are known for their amazing level of antioxidants... and this had 15 TIMES that!
     So I looked into it more, and also grabbed me some more, this time from Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Green Tea Powder, sold by Life & Food.  This particular tea is ceremonial grade.  You can tell the difference in the grade by the color, the taste, and also typically the price.  The last Matcha I tried was cooking grade and I'm sure would be great in cookies and pancakes, but I wasn't too sold on it as a tea.
     This one I was torn on.  It is DEFINITELY an acquired taste, don't be fooled by the green tea title.  This time, I used different instructions for making it than last time.  I think it helped a lot.  Here's a little video on how to prepare it.  I used the second option with the frother and the measuring spoon.  It's quick and uses less dishes.  It's hard to describe what I felt like drinking this.  First of all, it;s "earthy", much like seaweed or grass.  It isn't bad, but it's not exactly super yummy.  But there's something about it, when you are done swallowing it, in the after taste, that leaves you hanging.  Like you want more, even though you don't necessarily care for it.  I could see it being addicting.
     However, I advise not letting yourself get addicted.  Though it's really good for your health and has lots of antioxidants including EGCg, a catechin with some major cancer-fighting properties, due to the way it's made, it also carries more lead than your average evert day green tea.  And it's not your average every day green tea.  It's made using the whole leaf, ground up.  Other teas are made by steeping the leaf and then throwing it away.  This kind has it all.  Including caffeine, heeeey!  But seriously, one cup a day, okay?
     I'll be adding this tea to my daily regimen.  I need all the cancer-fighting help I can get, especially given my life habits of being lazy and sipping the coffee a bit too much.  I recommend it to anyone who could use a boost in their health or is looking for a new green thing to try.  You can't beat the health benefits!  Do you drink Matcha?
     To learn more, check out Midori Spring on Facebook, Youtube, or their website at MidoriSpring.com.  Also check out Life & Food on Facebook or on their website at LifeFoodPro.com

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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