06 October, 2015

Our K9 #ClickerTrainingKit for Dog Obedience #Review

      So... this is what the front door looks like about 20 times a day.  It seems like there is always something making the canine alarms sound off.  That one on the right, that one's mine.  He's a barker.  He drives me nuts.  It's ear piercing and just plain hurts.  It's the kind of bark that gets in your head and bounces off the skull a few times.  UGH!  I've been wanting to get him a collar, the training kind.  I don't personally like the idea of a "shock" collar, even though it would be a vibration and not a shock.  I'd like to try other alternatives first, just to see if they work.
     One alternative is a reward system.  For instance, when Rosco barks, I could call him to come lay down and if he does, I could give him a treat.  And he does know the command "lay down".  So that would work well.
     But you know what I think?  I think sometimes that it must be so frustrating for dogs to constantly be talked to in another language.  Does he even know what "Good Boy" means?  I often wonder what it's like for my dog when he is constantly hearing us humans talk, all day long in a different language.  It must be maddening.  I know that he does know some words.  When we say "dog" or "Rosco", he perks right up or even comes over.  But it would be nice if I could communicate with him in a way that he could understand.  That's what the clicker method is, a way to communicate.
     So we are trying the Clicker Training Kit, by Our K9.  It comes with six clickers and a very detailed instruction booklet.  The idea is that when you ask your dog to do something and they do it correctly, you click a few times and give them a treat.  When they don't do it correctly, you either walk away or offer them a command again.
     This kit is great because it comes with six clickers.  They seem to be nice quality and are a good size.  They come on key chains, but also with bracelets, so they are quite versatile and you could keep them in a multitude of handy places.  Although, it does give ideas on what to use should you lose all six of them.  Since we have two adults and four older kids in the home, I find the number to be perfect.  I wonder if I can convince them all to start walking around with treats in their pockets!  Likely not, but the treats are in a communal spot anyway.
     I love that the kit comes with a book that spares no details and gives lots of ideas, it's awesome!  It takes you step by step on how to start implementing the training program.  I'll definitely be using their suggestion of cutting the treats into pieces to save money while training.
     All-in-all, I think the kit is wonderful.  I recommend it to anyone who is having a hard time with their dog and needs to try something new.  Do you have a dog?  How did you train them?
     To learn more, check out Our K9 on Facebook or on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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