19 October, 2015

#LiveInfinitely Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #Review

     It's apple season!  Know what that means?  Apple flavored things.  We have apples coming from everywhere.  We got a big bag from my mother-in-law's co-worker, got a bag from the orchard, got a bag from church... just everywhere.  But that's fine, because I have my spiralizer, my mandoline, and some other pretty neat things that make it super easy to enjoy the apples in a ton of ways.  We mostly just snack on them, but today, it's definitely all about the apple infused water.
     And because I'm doing the apple infused water, on my shopping list this next week is definitely whole stick cinnamon to go in it.  I was reading up on how to best make apple infused water and it seems that cinnamon is a pretty go-to choice, which makes sense.  But for now, until I go shopping, it will be just apple.
     Fruit infused water is great for the body, of course any water is... but when it's fruit infused, all of the "diuretic and cleansing" properties of the fruits become a part of the water and besides being rehydrated, you'll also start to feel better all over because your body will work better.
     This bottom loading fruit infused water bottle by Live Infinitely is different than other infuser bottles I've had because it's bottom loading.  It's made so that the bottom unscrews and the infuser cage screws into the bottom by means of an inner ring of threads.
     That's kind of cool because when you;re drinking from the bottle, you don't have to worry about the cage or anything, it's just a bottle.  On the other hand, because the cover is the way that it is, the bottle will need to be empty if you're refilling the cage for any reason.  Or you'll have to have a nearby person help you out while you refresh your fruit and top off.
      To make this infused drink, I used my mandoline to create apple fries and I placed them into the infuser cage of the bottle.  Then I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours and waited for it to get yellow.  You know the apple water is ready when it's yellow.  That's when the flavor is best.
     As far as the taste goes, I've said it before... I'm not a HUGE fan of infused waters.  I hope the cinnamon will change that and luckily I have the nifty ebook download that comes with the bottle to help me out.  But I will say that I am a 100% believer in the benefits of infused waters.  After a few days of drinking mainly infused waters, my energy levels always sky-rocket.  You know when you have so much energy that you feel restless and don't know what to do with yourself?  Yeah, that's the feeling I get, like I need to do a few laps around the house to be able to even focus.  Which is GREAT!  I love that feeling!
     What's neat about this bottle is the cover, even if it does create for some interesting topping off, it makes it super easy to carry!  And if you have a carabiner, you could attach your bottle to a stroller, to your work bag or diaper bag, to anything.  My kids always complain about having to carry their drinks, but even the youngest of the big kids didn't mind carrying the bottle with the cool handle.
      I love this bottle, it's pretty cool looking and my kids all adore it too.  I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to start living a more healthy life.  Have you tried infused waters?
     To learn more, check out Live Infinitely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon or on their website at LiveInfinitely.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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