21 October, 2015

VonKitchen #CappuccinoArt Milk Frother #Review

     Let me ask you something, which of those coffees looks more appetizing?  Which one makes you really crave a good old Cup O' Joe?  If you said the one on the right, I'm guessing you either don't like the darkness of the left and prefer you some sweetness to go with it, OR... maybe you like a little froth..?  If you like the cream and sugar, I'm with ya!  And if you like the froth... well, I'm with ya on that too.  Sometimes you just need to feel a little schmancy.  And if you can be fancy in your PJs at home, then that's even better.
     Can you imagine making a cup that looks almost like the one on the right at home?  I say almost because who could pull off that snowflake..?  But the froth, the foamy goodness, wouldn't that be awesome?  Instead of serving you r guests a boring cup of coffee, you could serve them up a coffee mustache!  That's what this Milk Frother by VonKitchen does!  You can make froth at home!
     It's a small hand-held and battery operated little gadget that has a spring-type spinning wand that creates tons of tiny bubbles in your milk that you can then add to your coffee and wow friends with.  I found a video on coffee art to share with you, it's below :)
     So here are my personal thoughts on it:
     It's cute.  It has a stand to hold it on your counter top or whatever.  I did think the stand held it a little too firmly, but at least you know it won't go anywhere.  It's nice and shiny too, so it goes great with any stainless steel kitchen.  I just put mine in the utensils drawer into a utensil divider.
     The batteries in mine died quicker than I anticipated, but they were cheap batteries and that could have been why.  I recommend rechargeables anyway, for pretty much everything.  The whisk part of it I thought was pretty simple and it looked like it might not be as hard to clean as I anticipated.  It turns out that a quick spin in soapy water, followed by a quick spin under the faucet is all it takes.  It's super easy to keep clean, so long as you don't let it sit in the milk for a day or so.  You  wouldn't want that.
     I didn't use it for just milk in my coffee, I also used it for a few other things to test it out.  I found that eggs or similar things like pancake mix are a bit too thick for the frother, but thinner things such as cocoa or tea is perfect.  Check out the foam it made!  Ooooh!
     So I'd say that this is a pretty helpful tool to have on the kitchen and I'll use it daily or close to it.  I'd recommend it for the coffee gurus who either just love froth or want to try their hand at coffee art.  Do you like your coffee frothy?
     To learn more, check out VonKitchen on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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