30 September, 2014

I Hate When I Forget to Title My Posts :p

     This is one of those mornings where I have a totally rough start.  Usually it drains me and I have a hard time moving forward.  This morning it actually wasn't the kids, the kids did pretty good, actually.  WOOT!
     This morning it was the sight of my home.  Remember how the toilet needed hauling up?   Well it had been, ahem, not done.  Remember how a few kids had snuck in and pooed in the clogged toilet?  Yeah... I turned on the toilet water supply to try to flush and dilute what was in there in a vain attempt at not having to scrape it all out.  Then forgot the water on.
     Fast forward a few hours and we are all going to bed.  Boogie is running the halls, getting out the last of his energy, while the rest of the kids are sleeping and Broofy and I are watching House.  Then I swear that I hear splashing.  *Gasp*  Oh no!  He's splashing in the toilet!  Who left the door open?  Gross!
     Yeah, no.  I WISH he were splashing in the toilet.  Somehow he managed to flush it without us hearing it.  Multiple times.  He flooded the whole living room, the bathroom, and part of the hallway with crap water and was splashing in that.  To make matters worse, I had just moved every misplaced thing from the other rooms of the house into a big pile on our living room floor.  New books, papers, shoes, all drowning in poo water.  Luckily, it was mostly clothes and so they are washable.  But really!?  The living room?  Couldn't have flooded the kitchen across the hall or the hallway?
     All day today I will be cleaning up schnit water and schnit water-logged possessions.  Then I will be surface mopping, then bleaching with the shampooer.  It's all I can take not to sink right back into that depression I am crawling out of.
     God, help me.
     I leave you with this because it makes me feel better:

Here's hoping the day goes better from here on out.  Have a great one,

29 September, 2014

The Intent Was There

     The intent is always there.  Sadly, I actually got very little done today.  I did clean about a third of my bedroom.  That's actually slightly impressive given the state of my room.  And I did do laundry, so the day wasn't all in vain.
   The big struggle of the day was getting Punk to enjoy soccer and be a good team player.  She asked me to sign her up for soccer, so quitting isn't an option.  But she sees things differently.  Regardless, she is made to dress up and show up to support her team.  She was told that she will do so all season long.
     Well prayers went out for her today because she has been having a very hard time following through and being a team player.  With the help of a family friend, we tried to turn that around today.  As he suggested, I explained to her that God never gives up on people.  I reminded her that he didn't give up on us, even when his only son died on the cross for us and that things were hard for Jesus.  It was never easy.  I told her that we should follow his example and that we should never give up when others are depending on us.  With that little piece of advice and some well needed prayers, we headed out for practice.
     When we first got there, she gave trouble.  She didn't want to play and she fought me about going over to her team.  When she did get over there, her coach took her to the side and sat with her on the side line.  They talked for a little bit and just like she'd never hesitated at all, she got out and played.  She played hard.  She made me so proud.  Prayers at work.  Good job, Punky!

Great ending to a lazy kind of day.
Goodnight and God Bless,

How Does It Do That?

     Ok, so today is Monday.  The Bee doesn't have school on Mondays, so I get to "sleep in" today.  I think really that I'm going to start cleaning.  I feel like the housework never ends, it's so easy to get bogged down and want to give up on it.  But I will beat this and the only way to do so is just to do it.  Even when I don't want to.  Even when it's cold or rainy out and even when I'm super duper tired.  Lucky for me, I'm just tired.  And someone pooped in the clogged toilet, so it's a little smelly until the toilet gets hauled up and we find out what Boogie flushed down it.  But tired and smelly are pretty optimum considering other scenarios, especially since the awesome man in charge gave us coffee.  Yeehaw!
     Plan of attack is simple, first I round up the enemy, then I set up a perimeter, triumph over casualties and allow the useful to live another day.  It's getting easier the more I do it.  At first I had a lot of guilt over tossing perfectly good and sometimes down right new looking things.  But in the end, saving them to be donated involves cleaning, then bagging and dropping them off.  Failed attempts for years has proven that very few things make it that far before being sabotaged and rescued by the troops.  And the house is too full to risk any more failed attempts.  So straight to the dumpster it goes.  No cleaning, no waiting for the next trip to town.  Just gone, because our family is worth it.  Our happiness is worth it.  Routine and a working family space is worth it.
     Some year I would love to set up a recycling system, but we are not in that position yet.  That involves organization.  One day we will be there.  Maybe 2016 will be that year.  Right now our goal is to walk from room to room without tripping and survive the winter without rummaging every drawer and bin we have each morning for gloves of roughly the same material and/or color.
     So on to sweep a room, set up totes and decide what stays and what goes.  And laundry, cause that's a given.  I leave you with this incredibly awesome fact that totally answers one of my life's biggest ponderables up to this point... How on earth does that caterpillar get the body of that butterfly?
Mind blown.

Until tomorrow,
Or whenever,

26 September, 2014

Well This Could Be Tricky

   So here's the thing: I am terribly disorganized and have no sense of routine at all, but I want to write a blog.  So I need a blog that doesn't depend on any kind of actual structure.  That would be this one, it's my tinker blog.  Occasionally I might post a recipe, a how-to, a letter to my kids or share some random motivational piece that I've run into.  I don't know really what I will be posting, but hopefully someone will find it useful.  If you follow me, have fun and enjoy the whatever :)

All the best,
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