05 October, 2015

#TrimEvolution Fruit Infuser Water Bottle #Review

     So, I learned something this week.  Did you know that if you don't drink water, your body can't metabolize fat?  So regardless of the fact that I don't eat very often, and not at all some days... my body can't metabolize the fat I have from what I DO eat because I NEVER drink water!  Some days, I eat nothing.  Some days, I have a McDonald's meal and that's it.  Some days, I snack some for the morning and mid-day and binge a little for supper.  But usually, I eat little for most of the day.  Yet I have been gaining and gaining over the years.  Drinking coffee upped my weight gain drastically.  And that makes sense, because coffee dehydrates you!  And with less water, the liver is forced to stop burning fat so that it can help the worn out kidneys to better filter toxins.  How did I not know this?
     Oh wait, that's right, I was never taught it.  Every kid is told that water and milk are important, as was I, but I was never told WHY.  We were simply told that the body is made of 55-75% water and we need to replenish it with about 8 cups a day to help our bodies function.  Good to know, but not as good as "water keeps your fat burners running, so you can stay thin", now THAT would have gotten my attention!

     Not that water isn't essential for lots of other things in the body.  It is, obviously.  So, I have been trying the past month or so to really drink more water.  I figured if nothing else, it will keep me from feeling "loagy".  And when I started trying fruit infused waters and I started feeling amazing right away, I knew that it was something that needed to be a long term change.  So, I am collecting water bottles to remind myself that I need to drink more water.  I am especially loving the fruit infuser bottles, like this fruit infuser bottle from Trim Evolution.
     Truth be told, I actually don't care for the taste of fruit infused water.  I find it mediocre and although I love the aftertaste sensation, the water itself tastes like... water.  But I felt so incredible after those two days of drinking it, that I can look past mediocrosy.  So here I am, with my new Trim Evolution bottle, tackling that life long habit of dehydrating myself.  So far this month, I've lost 4 lbs and I hope to continue to lose.  In case you missed my last post, here's a little of what fruit infused water does for you:

Infused water does more than just taste good 
Many fruits, vegetables and herbs have natural diuretic, cleansing attributes. In addition to keeping your body hydrated, these types of infusion recipes will stimulate your body to flush harmful toxins from your body. Your body begins working more efficiently, weight loss accelerates, and you begin to feel good all over.  
     As far as the bottle itself, it's awesome.  The features that I love best are the removable fruit cage, the not-too-big and not-too-small mouth, the loop on the cap, and the size.  This bottle is 24 oz, larger than most water bottles.  You would only need to drink about 3 of these each day, it puts things into a nice perspective.  It makes me feel like I can actually do it.
     It's also shatterproof, which I can attest to.  My last one was dropped I don;t know how many times before it finally bit the dust, but it did so with one crack, no pieces on the floor or sharp edges to cut yourself on, just a crack.  I was really impressed.  I'm impressed with the whole thing.  Such a simple little thing for such a big life change!
     Here's a recipe for fruit infused water that sounds delicious, from A Harmony Healing:

1 cup organic blueberries
1 cup organic blackberries
2 doughnut peaches, pitted and cut into half-inch wedges
6 cups spring or filtered water
2 cups unsweetened organic coconut water
1 gallon clean glass jar with lid
1. Place blueberries and blackberries into the bottom of your jar, then the peach slices on top.
2. Pour the spring water and coconut water into the jar. Stir the water, cover with a lid and put water into the refrigerator for at least one hour or overnight for the best flavor. Drink within two days.
Makes 64 ounces

     Well, I hope you are drinking enough water.  But if you aren't, it's never too late to start :)
     To learn more, check out Trim Evolution on their website
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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