21 May, 2011

Little Darling Ruffled Bloomers and Matching Romper Review

Ruffled Bottoms.  Need I say more?  Who doesn't love ruffled bottoms on babies?  Okay, I suppose some might not, but I do.  I adore it!  And for those of you who love it like I do, Little Darling has the fix you need.   The ruffled bloomers and the rompers over there are insanely cute.

Baby Bee has the Bumble bee ruffled bloomers and matching romper set.  When I got this in the mail and opened it, I was so impressed.  The quality is amazing!  The ruffles on the bloomers are a nice material and not sloppily done.  The colors were strong and crisp.  The material used for the ruffles is the same material used for the bumble bee applique on the romper.
Little Darling has boy and girl clothes.  I just love these Mario and Luigi twin rompers!  I would definitely dress my twins in that if I had twins.
Little Darling also has baby changing mats, mobiles that can be customized, and head bands.  It is definitely a place worth checking out I think.

So, do you want the dirty truth?

Impressed?  Oh my goodness, YES!
Pros: Seems really durable, good material.
         Cuter than heck!
         Fits nice, comfy.
Cons: It might be a touch pricey compared to some, but we can't vouch for the quality of others.

Satisfied/Recommend?  Yep, I would.
Get again?  With this kind of quality, I sure would :)

Did your child have a mobile on their crib?

17 May, 2011

So Simple So Sweet Card Review

I keep my cards.  Every year, I try my best to keep them safe and put away so that I can look at them from time to time and remember certain years.  Those memories are so much easier to recall when the card stands out.  A plain card might be remembered, but it is hard to attach it to the event or the year.  However, when I see a cool card, like the one The Streaker got for her birthday, it is hard to forget.

The card is from So Simple So Sweet on Etsy and she has a great selection of cards different occasions, from anniversary and new baby, to birthdays and thanks.  Her cards are so cute.  I love that the lady bug is removable in it's own pocket.
I also love that the pocket is sewn on with embroidery floss.  It really gives it a great look and a personal feel.  I felt like the card was made just for my daughter :)  I just adore her whole collection of cards.  Check some of these out:
So Simple So Sweet also makes finger puppets and puppet gloves as well.  Like this glove story of Daniel in the Lion's Den and many others.  They are a great idea for story telling and interactive play.
The puppets are held to the gloves by magnets that are fixed to the end of each finger and he has plenty to choose from.  I particularly like the Train Friends, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Noah's Ark.  She has some really cute characters and sets are just $7.  You can also check her out on Facebook, there is an Etsy tab on the left.

Down to business:
Impressed?  Heck yeah I was!
Pros: Intricate and cute.
         Hand sewn, great quality.
         No more expensive than your average birthday card at $4/card and $1 shipping.

Cons:  Actually, none.
Satisfied/Recommend?  Yes, and I already have.
Get again? Yup, sure would.

Do you save your cards?

14 May, 2011

A Child's Wonderland Woven Headband Review

Girls look adorable in headbands.  It's a fact.  So of course, being a mother of four girls, I have seen my share of them and my favorite by far is the woven head band.  They can be so pretty and after watching a video tutorial on how to make them, I have an even bigger love for them.  Those ribbons can get confusing!
A Child's Wonderland on Etsy has an array of woven bands.  And that is where I got this absolutely adorable bumble bee head band.  It's woven from 4 different ribbons (white with a black outline, white, yellow, and black).  It has a big black bow on top, topped by a corker bow using the same 4 ribbons and then a small bumble bee accent.  Isn't he cute?
I love the colors, I love the bee, I love the bow on top.  I also love the other bows and hats that A Child's Wonderland has to offer, like these:
After seeing this Black and Red Paw Print Woven Headband, I can totally envision a beetle juice headband :)  I love the colors together and all the little paw prints.
Perfect for a Halloween party!  I think this Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Head hair clip is adorable!
And this White Baby Kufi Hat with Pink Panda Ribbon is so sweet, I'd love to know where the little accent animals come from, they are the perfect addition.

So let's get to the Nitty gritty:
Impressed?  Yeah, I was.

Pros: The headband seems REALLY sturdy.
         It's adorable!!!
         Competitive pricing at only $8.50 compared to others at $10.50 and up!
         Also at least $1 cheaper in shipping than some others we've seen.

Cons: Construction seemed a touch hasty with visible glue and some fray at the tips.

But at that price, we aren't complaining.  The glue is not visible while being worn and the fray took 2 seconds and a lighter to fix.

Satisfied/Recommend?  Heck yeah, I love this band!  And Baby Bee looks precious in it.
Get again?  Who knows, if she comes out with a lady bug or butterfly band, I might just be stopping by :)
So tell me, what is your favorite kind of band?  Do you wear bands yourself?

03 May, 2011

Lets Talk Tutus

A while back, The Streaker won a tutu from Nellie Bugs Tutus & More for a valentine that she painted. I was so excited! Each of my kids have their own color, and The Streaker's is teal. So she chose to have a teal and black tutu, which works out perfectly, as I plan to eventually get one in all the girls' colors.

I've made tutus before, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. But I could not have been more wrong. I'm pretty crafty when I want to be, but these tutus blew mine right out of the water!!! I was completely amazed at the quality and beauty of it.

The waist band is a black shiny ribbon capable of changing size to fit a bigger or smaller child at any time. It's not an elastic waist, which means no weird gaps between tulle. And there is so much tulle there, you almost get lost in it's layers! Speaking of layers, check out this Pumpkin Tutu, it's adorable!

And one of the best parts? They are actually affordable. Even I could splurge on one. There is one tutu on the web site for as low as $8.99!!! And Nellie Bugs doesn't sell just tutus, they sell hair bows and hats, even wings. I highly doubt that you will be even slightly disappointed when you visit Nellie Bugs. So go ahead.
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