12 September, 2011

Why was I not told?

I was lucky enough to also stumble upon annbb awesome shampoo a couple weeks ago. Now, I love Suave anyway. It's inexpensive and does wonders for my hair.

But this stuff.... it's mint scented. Now who doesn't love mint? And it's not fabricated mint like mint cookies and mint ice cream. It's the real thing!

I especially love it because it takes me right back to childhood when my family and I used to go collect mint leaves from the frog pond and brew tea from it. Man, those were the days.

And if you hadn't noticed, it has the pump. I wasn't excited about the pump until I realized that it really does come in handy in the shower. For example, it is useful when you are all soaped up and realize that you need a little bit more shampoo, or when you are trying to fight with a child who hates having their hair washed. They never hear the pop of the cover, and so they never see it coming.

But lets talk about how my hair feels. Amazing, that's how. Usually the "new shampoo effect" wears off after the first few times of using the new shampoo. But I have been using this shampoo for several weeks now and my fair still feels great. Light and airy, soft and silky... just wonderful.

For more info on Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner, visit their site here.

What's your favorite shampoo scent?
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