29 October, 2015

34 oz. French Press Coffee Maker and Tea Set by #LuxEssentials #Review

     I lost my Dunkin card over a week ago.  It's on auto-renewal and you'd think that I'd have it either replaced or put a pause on the renew.  But when I find that sucker, it's gonna have like $40 on it.  I know I'll find it... I think.  Last I had it I was in the passenger seat of my van in town, so we must have been headed straight home from there.  No one's used it.  I'll likely find it either in my van or in a pocket of something that I forgot I wore.  Until then, it's homemade coffee for me.
     That's okay though.  I make a pretty mean cup of java with the French Press Coffee Maker and Tea Set that I just got from Lux Essentials.  By the way, despite my disheveled hair, that's the first photo that I've taken in a while that's not photo shopped for acne reasons.  I'll tell you more about that later.  But for now, it's onto the coffee!  Do you know what a French Press is?  I ask this with all sincerity because up until quite recently, I didn't know how one works, and I'm almost 30.  So if you're like me and you don't know, here's a brief rundown:
     It's a carafe type device that allows you to make coffee by just adding coffee grounds and water and letting it sit.  There's no real filters of any kind unless you count the screen.  If you get really hot water from the tap, then there isn't a need for electricity either.  You just mix 4 cups of hot water, desired amount of coffee grounds, cover and steep for 4 minutes, then gently press the screen down.  Voila!  Coffee!
     Firstly, you all might remember that I did tell you about one a few weeks ago.  I loved it, it was awesome.  But alas, nothing lasts in my house and as The Big One put it in the sink to get ready to wash dishes, she busted the glass.  Good thing they sell replacements.  This one has been in my house as long as that one was and luckily, nothing terrible has happened to it yet.  So it's at least got that on it's side.
      So here's my thoughts on this one:
     I love the design of it.  It's got this cool Z shaped design of it and the cover is nice and black with a black knob.  The all black and glass look is very simple and I like it.  It's bound to match just about any kitchen.
     It came with an unlabeled scoop, which is nice, but I wasn't sure how many to use.  I did take a photo of the scoop, but I'm super generous and let the toddler play with the camera... so you can guess how that went.  It's a cute round scoop though.  It also came with an extra screen for when this one needs replacing.  Word of advice: don't be silly and leave something liquid sitting in it for say, a week.  It's not so good for the screen, you know, in case you thought it might be.
      The cover is made of plastic and is kind of slanted with slits in it that you can pour from.  It forms a seal so that the water stays hot and does it's job.  If I'm gonna be completely honest here, I'm gonna say that I didn't think the seal was great.  It was better when I actually followed directions and brought the screen nice up and tight against the lid, but then it wasn't level.  It's worked better for me with practice.
     I think it worked really well and has held up well.  I could make good coffee relatively quickly.  So overall, I'm pretty happy with it and I'd recommend it.  What do you use to make your coffee?
     To learn more, check out Lux Essentials on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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