30 July, 2015

#MattieMathBot Math Game for Kids Review

     Last year, after a lot of frustration and anger on both our parts, I decided to home school The Big One.  It was a huge decision that I did not take lightly and I didn't do as well of a job as I'd have liked.  But we did work a ton on math.  What's funny is that she did amazing things like 3x²-(x³+√4) if x=4 and she was blowing people away with the intricate problems that she could solve.  But on their own, she has a hard time sometimes remembering common multiplication and division facts.  She always has to do them on paper and has a difficult time pulling them from the memory bank.
Please kindly ignore the messy desk ;)
     So we have looked into different ways to help her and whenever I stumble upon one that I think will work, I jump right on it.  I also like to use the things I find on the other kids so that they won't fall behind in that area.  And when I find a method that gets them excited to learn, I know I've found a winner.  Our new computer game called Mattie Math Bot does just that.
     Streaker couldn't wait for her chance to play and though she hasn't really started doing multiplication in school yet, she was able to do several types of multiplication levels and even some division levels.  The way the game works is that you use only your mouse to click your way through the city and to blow up crates, exposing numbers.  You have to walk through the correct number for the math problem that you are solving in order to answer the problem and gain more time.  When the clock runs out, you're done.
      To be honest, though it comes with beginner and advanced levels, I didn't really notice a big difference between them.  I struggled getting through any of the levels in time, but Streaker had no problem blasting through the levels that she tried in time.  Gotta say, it's the first time I have actually really felt old as a parent.  That's when I realized that the trusty little compass at the top of the screen points you toward the correct crate.  I'll just convince myself that Streaker was using it (even if she wasn't)... it will help me feel not so old.
     We will be using this for the rest of the summer along with a couple other things and hopefully when they go back to school they will be in good shape, math wise.  I think the best part is that they actually want to play this game.  I think that's wonderful.

     Do you ever implement video gaming to help with your child's learning?  Have any good games you'd like to recommend?..

     To learn more, check out Nacelle Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, as well as their website.

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#Multibandz Math Learning Silicone #Handband Review

     Last year was a hard year for schooling.  The Big One had to be pulled out and home schooled because she was falling behind from lack of concentration and effort on her part.  And Punky had a hard time with her math and struggled to keep up with the other kids.  Actually, Punky wasn't alone in having trouble with math.  The Big One is having trouble in the same areas as Punk, though she is two years older.
     And the kind of math they are both having problems with?  Multiplication.  I don't remember having trouble with it, but I can understand how it might seem daunting.  All that memorizing and all those numbers... The pressure to remember it and be able to use it, it's all stressful, I'm sure.
     I'm so busy most of the time trying to entertain them with going places and seeing new things that I don't think to ask them if I can help them with the things that really matter, like school work.  When I do think to help them, I try games like Yahtzee, 10,000, or Monopoly.  Sometimes I will try computer games and have had some success, though most that I have come across are not for multiplication.  I always like to keep things light and fun so that my kids don't feel like they are back in school.
     That's why the idea of Multibandz struck me as one that I could really get into.  They are made by the makers of Jellybandz, the fun shaped silicone bracelets that we have all seen in stores everywhere that our kids beg us for.  There's something about those silicone bands that kids adore.
     The Multibandz are a set of silicone bracelets that the child earns as they progress through the times tables.  So when these came in the mail, I tested Punk on her multiplication.  She made it through the two's with ease, but struggled with the three's.  So I gave her the first two bracelets as something earned for learning those sets, and gave her the third bracelet to help her learn the three's.  Each bracelet is adorned with each multiplication fact in a set.  So the first bracelet says "1x1=1   2x1=2   3x1=3", etc.  So all Punk has to do is check her bracelet a few times a day and review, the bracelets left to earn serve as incentive to keep learning.
     And it works!  She was pretty excited to earn the first ones and she has sworn not to take them off til she gets all 12.  The cool thing about them is that after the first five sets, they start to earn glow-in-the-dark bracelets, so the drive to earn them is refreshed.  She will especially appreciate the glow-in-the-dark ones because she is nervous about her dark room at night.  The eleventh bracelet is silver and the twelfth is gold, symbolizing the gold medal.
     Punk has already tried to earn her fourth bracelet, and did so with a valiant effort.  I see these bracelets definitely helping her to learn the times tables.  We're anxiously awaiting whether or not there are division bracelets next!
     How do you help your children learn math?  Any suggestions for a parent with struggling kids?

     To learn more, check out Handband's Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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27 July, 2015


Hello everyone!

     What a beautiful day it is.  At least it's not raining here, so that's wonderful as far as I'm concerned.  Another day for the beach I think.  Lately we have been going every day that the weather isn't terrible.  My kids are learning to get along and things have been so stress free.  Turns out that spending hours every day with nothing but  the water and each other is a cure for fighting... who knew!?

      Sometimes we see other people there who we know and lately we have been meeting up with the most amazing woman ever and children that she has with her.  Except for a couple brief disputes, they all get along beautifully.  We are now going to be picking up one extra child every day that we go and I think that will go great as well.
     The cool thing about the beach is that anyone under 18 will get a free lunch during lunch hour if they ask.  It's super helpful for those who need help in the summer or for people who watch other's kids in the summer months.  The lunch is always yummy and well balanced.  They actually do this at lots of places in the area.  Last week we were able to watch a free movie, get a free lunch, then watch an awesome African drummer, then hit the beach all for free.  If it weren't for programs like these, we would stay home like a bump on a log all summer long.
     I highly encourage anyone with kids to do a search for your own area and see what you can find.  The best resource for me are the community pages on Facebook.  People are always posting things that are going on, things they are doing that they want company for, free opportunities... lots of things.
     We also got the chance to try out  a few new things, one of them a beach friendly toy, that I'll share with you later this week.  We always try to bring toys to the beach so Boogie doesn't go around stealing everyone else's.  He likes to play with everyone and all their things, he's really very friendly.
     So anyway, I'm not even sure where I wanted this post to go.  I usually have an idea, but I've really just been rambling.  However, I do have something I'd like to wrap up that I could use some help with.  I've tried giving these away on two different media platforms, but because this program is an Apple compatible program and not Microsoft compatible, I haven't seen any interest.  So here's the deal... First 10 people to enter today, get it.  Think of friends, family... anyone you know who has an Apple computer, think of Christmas and birthdays.  If you know anyone who would be interested, I encourage you to enter this giveaway.  It's super easy and all information is super confidential.  I will never use it for anything outside of this giveaway.
     This giveaway is for the MacX Video Converter Pro.  I'll be leaving some information on this program below so you know what it does and why it's helpful.  Remember, if you are one of the first 10 to enter, you automatically win a license for this program.  No sharing necessary, as long as your e-mail is valid so that I can send you the license number, that is.  So without further ado, the giveaway:

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17 July, 2015

Fabness #Canvas #Deal !!!

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