10 October, 2015

Enso Grill Master Grill Brush #Review #BBQGrillBrushfromEnsoGrillMaster

     I didn't get to grill nearly as much as usual this year.  Usually, I am out there 4 times a week or so grilling up dinner, but this year I just didn't have it in me.  I guess maybe because times are tight and I didn't have meat, except for the $.50 packages of hot dogs from the liquidation store.  It doesn't make for good grilling.  I guess I just wasn't inspired.  Hopefully next year will be better that way.
     We did have a few BBQ's though.  Truth be told, I'm not overly sure when the last one was, maybe a month ago..?  The grill wasn't cleaned from then.  It was quite gross, actually.  But I have a tool for that, most grill owners do.  It's a brush.  This one is the Enso Grill Master Grill Brush.  It's a beast.
     This thing has a handle of 18 inches so that you don;t burn yourself and is quite possibly the biggest and baddest grill brush I've ever seen.  I actually was worried that the sheer size f it would be an obstacle.  And it also doesn't have a scraper on the end like most, so I really did doubt it would be really good at it's job.
     The brush part has three rows of super rigid bristles that scrape the grill really well.  Despite being very round and not angled, it still gets into the smaller areas.  I'm not sure how it does it, honestly.  It took my grill from super gross to almost new in less than a minute.  We're talking old dripping chicken fat and skin kind of gross.  This brush just rocked it.
     And when it came time to clean the brush, all I did was squirt it with some dish soap, run it under hot water and brush it with a baby bottle brush.  Then I gave it a few hard taps on the inside of the sink to get what the brush couldn't.  It came clean so easy, which I wasn't expecting at all. 
     So, I absolutely recommend this brush to any grill owner or as a gift to a griller.  It's fabulous and I'll be using it every time.  Do you grill?
     To learn more, check out Enso Grill Master on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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