17 October, 2015

Gadgin Bluetooth Remote Shutter #Review #BlueToothRemoteControl

     You know how selfie sticks are all the rage right now?  I tried my best not to like them, but it's a pretty awesome device.  As an avid photographer, it always pained me a little that I couldn't be a part of the photos.  Here my kids are having a blast at this event and the next, and there was nothing to show how much fun I had WITH them.  And although I don't think I would ever have the bravery to use them in public.  But in an apple orchard, out hiking, anywhere where we are essentially "alone", darn right I will break it out.
     But what about when I'm out and I don't want to use the stick?  I could have my kids take the photos.  They aren't bad if you like fuzzy pictures.  Every time they go to hit the shutter button, they move the phone and it's just enough to get a blurry shot that's off to the side.  And when they do manage to hold it still, sometimes they have trouble hitting the shutter button.  If it's not hit just right, the camera app will pop up a menu instead, then I have to help them get out of the menu before they can try hitting the shutter again.  It;s not always frustrating, but it'd be cool if they could just aim and hold it still, while I shoot so they don't end up like the picture above.
     Now they can, cause I have the Gadgin Bluetooth Remote Shutter.  It allows you, much like a selfie stick, to take a photo without touching the camera.  There are remote shutters for regular cameras, but I've never seen a blue tooth style shutter for phones and tablets before.  This is awesome!
      So we tested it out, of course, and it definitely did not disappoint.  Let me explain this first:  This button is created to turn the volume up, so you'll need a camera app that allows you to change the settings.  You'll need to go into the settings and make sure that the 'volume up' button works as a shutter.  I am using the Selfie Shop app, though it's always crashing on me and I heard that Camera 360 is great if your device is compatible.
     So here's how it works:
     You flip the switch on the side of the remote that turns it on, then you make sure that your device is connected to the shutter via blue tooth connection, then open your camera app and shoot away!  Every time the button was pressed, it took a photo, no hiccups, no problems.  It just works.
     The kids thought it was the funnest thing.  We took turns using the shutter to randomly take photos when other people were holding the phone.  Boogie especially thought it was strange, he asked the phone (politely of course) to shut up when it wouldn't stop making the shutter noise without him touching it.  The photo above is a photo that Streaker took of herself, she loves the remote shutter.
     It comes with an instruction manual, a cool wrist strap, the remote, and a little black drawstring bag, and an extra battery because it is not rechargeable.  The wrist strap is super handy and keeps the remote from being lost.   The remote itself is about two inches long and really light.  It could easily be added to a key chain.
     I definitely recommend this for anyone who uses their phone a lot to take photos.  And if you pair it with a phone tripod or tripod phone attachment (as low as $5-6 on Amazon with Prime shipping), it would make a great gift!  Do you take a lot of photos with your phone?
     To learn more, check out Gadgin on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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