11 October, 2015

#Acquapura Personal Water Filtration #Review #Survival

     Lately, I've been trying to teach the kids some basic survival strategies.  They're learning about foraging and staying safe from the elements and such.  One of my amazing friends, "B", created an outdoor survival guide that she's having printed up for me and the kids.  I can't wait to try it.  I think it;s good to know how to make a meal from dandelions and milk weed.  I think it;s good to know how to purify water in a jam, and I think it's good to know how to start a fire.  You never know when you'll need it.  In fact, just a month or so ago, someone I went to school with got lost on an outing and had to spend the night in the woods.  It's something that could happen anytime.
     Along with learning these things, I'm also collecting some basic survival tools for when we go hiking (in case we get lost).  These things are all small and fit into a small side pocket of my baby bag.  But they are crucial.  Like that survival bracelet, waterproof matches, things like that.  And now we have something SUPER important added to that list.  It's the Acquapura Personal Water Filter.  It's literally a straw that you can stick into a water source and drink without needing to boil it or anything.
     Here's how it works:  It uses a triple filtration system housed in a cylindrical container weighing just over 2 oz.  The filters consist of a pre-filter, an antibacterial activated carbon filter, and a hollow fiber UF membrane.  It uses silver ions to help combat bacteria.  This system filters out anything larger than .01 microns.  It leaves water as 99.9999% pure!  Here's a graphic to help you visualize:
     Did you notice the funny looking bottom?  The pre-filter?  That goes into a bottle.  The piece above it (the inlet mouthpiece) connects to a bottle!  I was able to connect it to a Sunkist bottle and it was a perfect fit.  So if you don't know the next time that you will see water, but there's a little puddle or brook where you are, you can fill the bottle and not worry about getting dehydrated.  I think that is an awesome addition to the filter.
     The top is protected by a firmly closed clear cap.  When the cap comes off, it won't get lost because it's attached by a buckle that keeps it close.  Underneath the cap is an outlet mouthpiece that looks like a hard plastic sports drink type outlet.  This is the part you drink from.
     But before you can use the filter, you need to "prime" it by flushing clean water in and back out of the outlet piece.  So hopefully if you ever get stuck in the woods and you have a spring water bottle on hand, you will remember not to drink that last bit until you've flushed the filter.  It comes with the syringe that you use to flush it.
     I think this is an exceptionally crucial survival piece to keep with you when out and about in the wilderness.  It's made really well and I don't think it would break under normal circumstances.  I think I could probably even step on it without it breaking.  It's pretty rugged.  I recommend it for sure to anyone who likes going into the wild, or as a gift for anyone who loves to go out and explore.  Do you get outdoors very often?
     To learn more, check out Acquapura on Facebook and Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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