27 October, 2015

The Magical Zoo #3 #Childrenbooks #Review

     Okay, folks.  Time to hear what happens next in the Magical Zoo series, with The Magical Zoo #3.  Remember Sally and the Zookeeper John?  They're in a pickle because all the animals from the magical zoo have escaped into the library and they need to be captured.  Some are the dangerous type, some the loud type, and animals just don't belong in the library anyways.
     Last we knew, they had worked hard to capture Tibby the young tiger.  Now, they're after another striped animal, the zebra.  To be honest, my very first impression of this installment wasn't good.  The first picture in it was an exact copy from the last book.  Actually, six of the fifteen pictures were exact copies except for the animal in some cases.  Another two of them were pretty darn similar, just flipped or copy/pasted into a slightly different background.  So it was a little disappointing right off the bat.
     But anyway, onto the storyline... Sally and Zookeeper John go off looking for the zebra, who also goes outside.  The zebra tries to hide behind cars, but doesn't do too well of a job.  She's spotted and runs in fear.  She's in a world that she doesn't know and finds herself in a lawn by the library where Sally and John do their best to wrangle her in.
     It's a continuation of a nice story that shows how to truly care for animals and treat them lovingly.  The characters have nice expressions and I can't blame the author for being tired of doing so many illustrations.  But it does bring down the awe factor considerably to see the same image over and over.  But it also does have the hidden animal facts scattered throughout, like how a zebra is white with black stripes, not the other way around.
     It reminds me that we need to visit the local animal kingdom again soon.  My girlies don't remember seeing the zebras and all little girls need to see a zebra in their lifetime.  Have you ever been to a zoo?
     To learn more, check out the book's author, Dan Jackson, on Amazon or GoodReads.

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