23 October, 2015

200 Magic: The Gathering Land Cards #Review #GoldenGroundhogMTGLots

    I love games.  I think I buy t least five new family games each year in addition to the two or more games each kid gets for Christmas.  They are a great tool for getting the family together and having fun.  I especially love card games.  They are easier to store and they can usually be played with a bit more personalization than board games.
     One game that my husband and I can both agree on is Magic: The Gathering.  We both love the fantasy aspect of it.  He loves strategy games and I love card games, so it's a winner for both of us.  We haven't played in quite some time because of the kids always being around and getting into things.  It's a game that takes time and space away from little hands.  At one point the kids had gotten into our Magic cards and the end result wasn't good.  So we needed some replacements.
     We're starting with this lot of 200 MTG Land Cards by Golden Groundhog.  They are the same Golden Groundhog that I was talking about last week when I was showing you the cool YuGiOh! gift set I got for my friend's son.  I was pretty pleased with that set and I'm equally pleased with this one.  This lot is terrific!  First of all, it came with 158 basic land cards of all types in all 5 land categories.  Added to that was 32 white land cards.  White land cards tend to be favored, so it's pretty cool that 15+% of the lot was white.  Aren't they beautiful?  Yeah, yeah they are.
     It also came with a few other neat things, like the five foils.  I love foils.  They're so pretty.  Look at that color!
      It also came with five full art Zendikar land cards.  Two of them were artwork by Vincent Poce and three were by Yung Park.  I love the design of the cards and the art is nice.
     And as an added bonus, as with all GG lots, I also got several GG token cards.  These are different than the token cards form YuGiOh or Pokemon,  These are beautiful pieces of art, all by the same artist I might add.
     I'm not sure that I could ever be disappointed in a lot from Golden Grounhog.  They didn't make my favorite sponsors list for nothing, I definitely recommend them for anyone who likes to play collectible card games like MTG, YuGiOh or Pokemon, etc.  They haven't let me down yet!  Do you play Trading Card Games?
     To learn more, check out Golden Groundhog on Amazon or on their website at GoldenGroundhog.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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