29 October, 2015

Pro Kitchen Chef Tools 2 Stage Knife Sharpener #Review #PCKT

     I've got quite a few chefs on my gift list this year.  Not so much professional at all, though one worked as a chef for a while... but family chefs, heads of the kitchen.  I'm trying to get together some kitchen themed gift baskets for them.  Sometimes we fall into these roles of chef or taxi driver, etc.  Sometimes it's fine at first, but gets old or grating and I understand that.  I can't even remember the last time I cooked an actual meal and did something that wasn't frozen or mostly prepared for me.  I'm definitely in a rut.  So for these chefs on my list, I'm hoping to change it up and help them expand their options.  I want them to be able to cut their work load in the kitchen so that cooking is just fun.
     One of those gifts in particular is the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools 2 Stage Knife Sharpener because no one wants to make supper with dull knives.  It's a kitchen pet peeve of mine.  But how many of us actually own a knife sharpener?  I know that I didn't!  This one is a silver colored, handled sharpener that has 2 different sharpening parts.  The first is a course sharpener that gets the knife to be pretty much sharp.  It does the big work.  The second is a fine tuner, the honer.  It smooths out the roughness so that your blade is not only sharp, but sleek.
     I tried it out before storing it away for Christmas.  You don't want to give away something that doesn't work, after all.  So I got to see how this really worked.  First of all, the handle is a plus, it was nice to be able to hold it firm without risking my fingers to do it.  The instructions were pretty clear and easy to follow.  I found my dullest knife.  It's one that looks nice, looks like a qood quality knife, but it's one that's also almost met the bottom of my trash can a few times while I was organizing.  I never use it.
      I started by using stage 1.  I placed the part of the knife blade that's closest to the hell inside the sharpener slot, then firmly slid it until I reached the tip of the blade.  I had the knife pointed slightly downward and did this several times.  The difference was incredible.  I wish the pictures would have shown it better.  The knife seemed to actually be capable of something beyond bruising tomatoes!
     Then I went on to stage 2.   I did the same thing with the same angle and motions.  The way that this works is that it has two opposing diamond sharpening wheels that grind your knife as it passes through, then when you pass on to phase 2, two more opposing wheels use a finer grind to finish it off.  I found that the knife was much better than before.  It cut easier and was sharper to the touch.
     Some pros on this sharpener is that it has the handle to protect your fingers from the knife, it has grippy rubber feet to keep it in place while you sharpen, and it does a pretty decent job at sharpening your knives.  It will also match any stainless steel kitchen, so that's cool!  I didn't really see any major cons on it, honestly.  It's a pretty nice sharpener.  So I'd recommend it!
     I also grabbed some microfiber cloths from PKCT at the same time.  They are awesome!  They shine up stainless steel really well and are super soft.  They're great to add to the kitchen and shine up the new sharpener with.
     How sharp are your kitchen knives?   

     To learn more, check out Pro Kitchen Chef Tools on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Pinterest, Amazon, or on their website at ProKitchenChefTools.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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