19 October, 2015

#BornandBeyond 12 Month Baby Photography Sticker Set of 24 #Review

     I had such big hopes for being a mom.  I was going to handmake every costume, every year.  I was going to do belly casts and hand molds every year.  I was going to mark their heights on the same chart all growing up, so they could keep it when they grow up and mark their own children on it... so many things that I wanted to do.  And baby books... Now I know why mine was so empty.  Have I even written anything in Boogs...?  I don't think I have.  Too busy living to write down our memories, I guess :(
     And sometimes I look back at baby photos and I have no idea how old my kids were when it was taken.  Like this one of Baby Bee in the shadows.  I vaguely remember waiting for the bus when I took it, but was that at the end of the year, when she was only a month or so... or was it at the beginning, when she was closer to 3 1/2 months.  She was so tiny for so long, it's hard to know.  If I had to go back and find a photo of one of my kids when they were about, say, 8 months old, I'd be hard pressed to find one.  I just have no idea.
     There are so many things that I never thought to do until I had no time to do them.  One of those things was monthly photos.  I tried to do a one year shoot for each kid, but I slacked on Boogie.  The set up and the prop finding, it wasn't something that I wanted to do again.  I rationalized it by telling myself that he;s a boy and he won't care.  He probably won't.  But nowadays with cool monthly stickers, like this set of 24 first year stickers from Born and Beyond, you don't need set-up.  Just stick it on and find a nice spot, preferably the same spot every time cause that would be an extra nice touch.
      The stickers are a nice size, they'd be able to be seen and read in the photos.  The number is nice and large while the "months" is smaller.  Each design is unique to each other, though they all have the rainbow on top and flowers in various colors on the left side.  They are fairly unisex, though there are some pinks in there.  Each month has a different animal.
     The stickers are made to be anti-reflective for the purpose of taking photos.  And just in case your baby takes the sticker off or rips it, the package comes with two of each.  Plus, you know... if you have twins, two would be super useful anyway.
      I think these stickers make a great addition to any baby shower gift.  They are versatile and can be used for things such as scrap booking and the like.  And obviously the anti-glare feature works because there isn't a bunch of reflective shine off of the stickers, despite being semi-gloss.  So I recommend them for anyone who's about to have a baby or knows someone who is about to.
      Do you know someone who's about to have a baby?
     To learn more, check out Born and Beyond on Amazon.    

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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