26 October, 2015

#CrownAndCradle Teething Necklace #Review

    Sometimes I feel really old.  Like when I see that the kid I babysat is now married with a kid.... that makes me feel old.  When I realize that my daughter will be in Junior High next year, old again.  When my youngest and last child knows his alphabet and can have full conversations with me I feel so old.  And sometimes it's when I realize that this or that wasn't around when I was in that stage of life and needed it.  Like teething necklaces.  They seem so standard now for new moms.  When I had my first few kids, I'd never even heard of them.  But wasn't that just a few years ago? *Sigh*  No, Tiffany, that was over a decade ago.  I'm not even 30 yet and I feel ancient.
     I didn't learn about teething necklaces until about 2010 when Baby Bee was small.  Back then, it was a cord with one big chewable disc on it.  She LOVED to chew on that disc.  Now, teething necklaces can be really fashionable and have different sized beads and everything.  I think it's great to have those available to babies now.
     I got to check a couple recently.  This one is a silicone teething necklace by Crown & Cradle, the same Crown & Cradle that let me try out that awesome nursing cover from last week.  You know... the BEST nursing cover ever... With such a great product like that, I knew the teething necklace would also be great.  And it was.
     The necklace is made from a food-grade silicone, which means it's also BPA free.  That's important to a lot of people nowadays, and it should be.  Your health needs to last you your whole lifetime.  The beads are also a really nice texture to chew on.  They are squishy, but still firm.  They also come in multiple sizes so your baby can choose which size bead it likes best.
     Besides that, it also has a breakaway clasp in the back, that's a really great feature for any baby product.  In fact, the other night, I had gone to bed with my sweatshirt on, I'm always cold.  Well, Boogie and Baby Bee always sleep in bed with me.  I woke up and couldn't sit up because my drawstring was wrapped around Boog's throat!!!  That was definitely a wake-up call for me.  I never thought about that hazard before.  That was scary!
      It's always smart to be safe when it comes to babies.  That's why C&C also thought to tie knots between the beads.  This way there is no extra string that could allow the smaller beads to enter the baby's throat.  each bead has it's own space and no extra.  Bravo, Crown & Cradle, excellent thinking!
     And the style of it is nice too.  It's cute, it matches a lot of my clothes, I love that teal color.  But beyond that, each big bead has a cool faceted shape to it and between the big beads are alternating sections of either one or two small beads.  I could totally see a baby LOVING those small beads, especially the set of two.  But as an adult, it adds some nice character to the necklace.
     I think this is a great teething necklace for any new mom to own.  Her baby should certainly love it.  Would this necklace match your clothes or the clothes?  To learn more, check out Crown & Cradle on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or on their website, Crownandcradle.com

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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