21 October, 2015

Need to Take a Little Break

      Man, am I blessed.  How lucky am I to be able to stay at home and help provide for my family just by telling you guys how good or bad something is?  This is my dream job!  To be able to provide and still stay home has to be the dream of most moms, I think.  But I'm feeling a little bit like I need to pause and take a little break and just put things on hold for a minute.  Later, I'm gonna be telling you about this pretty cool tooth brush from Mother's Vault and a kitchen gadget from VonKitchen, a Mesh Beach bag from Fun Fitness, and even an indoor hammock kit (though that will likely be tomorrow).  But for right now, I wanna share with you a little that's been going on here at home.
     Of course right now I only have Boog at home and I'm not running around crazy like I used to be.  There's no preschool this year or next, so I don't HAVE to visit the school in the middle of the day to pick kids up.  Things should be slow, but they aren't.  Turns out I just don;t want to relax, apparently.  The Bee has been having a hard time being away from me for the whole day at school.  She's one of three kids asking me to homeschool them this year.  I'm not really up for it and none of them are in danger of staying back, so we needed a new plan.
     I decided that I would pick the Bee up every day for recess and bring her back after lunch.  We do something different every day.  One day, we went to the library, another day we went down roads in town that we had never been to before, and another day we went to a town almost a half hour away and still made it back in time.  On Friday, we'll eat out.  She doesn't mind missing recess and my other kids don't complain.
     Although, Streaker did fake sick one day, but it was to avoid a kid she had to sit near in class.  Guess this particular child can't stop talking and it drives her batty, but we straightened it out.  Turns out Streaker is an amazing actress, tears and everything.  She only joined us that one day.  But she got to try out my new blue tooth remote shutter for my phone, which she loved.  She got to go shopping with me and Grammy and eat McDonald's for breakfast, she also got to come with me and the Bee to finally check out the Doggie Beach in town.  But she went back in to school when it was clear that she'd been faking sick.
     She just wrapped up her soccer season and all she has left is her banquet.  She finally got her team shirt last night at the Parents vs Kids game.  No, we didn't play, we're antisocial like that, but we had fun watching.  I don't even know who won, I'm terrible with sports.  But as long as she has fun and learns what being a good team player is, then I will sit cluelessly through as many soccer games and practices as she wants me to.
     The Big One is almost done her season.  She has one more practice and two more games I think before the banquet.  She will then begin the wonderful basketball season.  Did you catch the sarcasm?  Yeah, that's cause I HATE basketball season.  It's in the winter, as if that wasn't enough of a reason.  But there's no real place for the other kids to play, except the really small stage.  It's terrible.  Just horrible.  But we do it because she wants to.
     I think it's good that the kids are getting out and getting social.  I never had the chance to and look how I turned out... shyer than any human should be and watching the game instead of being in it.  That's why I was so happy that Punk was in Girl Scouts.  It also gave the other girls some events to look forward to, things that they could go to.  Unfortunately this year, Girl Scouts has been disbanded until new leaders step forward.  They had a good long run and I wish our vehicles had been more reliable so she could have joined in sooner.  So this year she has no extra-curriculars.
     That's not going to stop us from being busy though.  This year we found a new fun place to go.  It's local and it's called Exoptica Studio.  We went there and did a sculpting class with the owner.  It was really fun and we made some neat things.  The Bee made mostly beads, while The Big one tried her hand at a cup.  The rest of us made our own little nick-nacks and we will go back in soon to glaze them over.  We'll also be going back to paint some gourds.
     The last thing that I have to share is about an event going on on Halloween.  Our school is doing Trunk or Treat again this year.  I've been dragging my heels on it, but I really think we'll do it.  I hope.  Last year we did Harley Davidson, this year we're going to do a patriotic themed trunk with flags, baseball, and Lady Liberty.  It will be fun for sure.  What are you doing for Halloween?
     Well, I guess I've taken a big enough rest, back to work!  Have a great rest of the day, guys!


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