15 October, 2015

#RuggedMonkey Beard Balm for Men #Review

     So... call me crazy, but I never understood why some men had nice beards that seem to curl perfectly and look wonderful and some men have beards that are like a big poof that goes wherever it feels like.  It never even occurred to me that they might be using a product to make their beard look good.  How did I not think of that?  Yep, turns out men do care about how their beards look.  I feel like this is a whole secret world that I never know existed.  I mean, I know that men care about their mustaches.  They curl them and trim them and have contests.  I just never knew that extended to beards.
     Recently, I've been seeing a lot about men's grooming products and I thought, 'Wow, that would make a great gift!'  So now, I'm trying to think who I know that always has a nice looking beard.  And I think I know a few who would really like something like that.  So, I thought I'd test out a beard balm because I was curious.  The one I got and tested was Rugged Monkey Beard Balm.
      First of all, the smell is fabulous.  It's made with coconut oil and so it's got a coconut essence about it, but it's a very unisex type scent.  It's lovely.  And besides the coconut oil, it has all natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives.  And if that weren't "green" enough for you, the tin is totally recyclable.
     The balm is made to graduate boys to men, to help a man look like a gentleman.  It promotes growth, while also moisturizing skin, relieving itchiness and dandruff, bringing shine, and taming stray hairs.  It does it all.  This balm seriously brings the sexy back.  And their witty informational card is a perfect addition for it.
     So, I've got o be honest here and say that I didn't test it on an actual beard.  But I did test a little on Boog's hair to see if it would work in a beard.  I used such a tiny amount, it was ridiculous.  All I did was swipe the surface of the balm with a finger and use what transferred.  And look at how well that tiny bit worked:
      Look at that shine!  Beautiful!  And it worked so well to hold the hair out with just a tiny smear of it.  Imagine the possibilities and how long this tin would last if that little works so well.  I can't get over how nice that hair looks under the light.  You can see the difference between that hair and the hair right next to it that has no balm.
     I absolutely recommend it for anyone that needs some facial taming.  Between the look, the amount you need, and the smell... this balm is amazing.  Do you know a man who could use this?
     To learn more, check out Rugged Monkey Grooming on Amazon or on their website at RuggedMonkeyGrooming.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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