14 October, 2015

#OSusannahs Call Mom! Pillow Case #Review

     Sometimes I wonder if my kids love me to even half the extent that I love them.  I mean... I love them infinitely, there just isn't an end to it, to the depth of it.  But I'm human and I get frustrated and angry, I get impatient and snappy.  Some days when they are all in odd sorts, I'm just grumpy and mean.  It's the way I am, I don't feel like I should deal with repeating myself and being pestered, it makes me feel disrespected and all I ever want is respect.  So some days I wonder if my kids will grow up and hate me or if they know that even at my worst, even when I'm angriest, I would instantly choose death to save them.  Do they know that I would give anything to see them grow up well and happy?  Will they come see me and let me be a part of my grandkids' lives when they are grown?  Will they love me back when they are old enough to not have to COME back?  I worry so much that they won't.
     I won't be one of those nagging moms who pesters them and guilt trips them into calling.  I won't beg for love.  But... gentle reminders for THEM to pick up on here and there aren't really considered pestering.  And if it will get them to pick up the phone and call, then that's good by me.  When my kids move out, they'll be getting a hope chest filled with blankets, silverware, dishes, comfy sweaters, etc.  Everywhere they look in their new place and every time they feel super comfy or warm and loved, there will be something to remind them of home.  They might very well also get something like this Call Mom pillowcase form Oh, Susannah, because really... it's not technically nagging.
      Isn't that perfect for the kid fresh off to college!?  It might keep you from making an embarrassing Youtube video to remind your child who you are (not that I didn't LOVE that video, cause I did).  But wouldn't it be nice for your child to take the initiative?  Yeah.  Yeah it would.
     Pretty sure this is going out to a college student on my list this year.  I think she'll appreciate the sentiment, though something tells me that her mom gets plenty of calls.  I should make a mental note to ask her mom what she did right to raise such nice kids.
     But seriously, this makes the PERFECT off-to-college gift for any graduate or underclassman returning to campus.  It's a simple reminder tool, but it's also super practical.  It's something they will use, kind of along the lines of a coffee mug or a towel.
     What makes this pillow case better than some other pillow case that says Call Mom?  Well... first of all, how many pillow cases can there be with that saying?  But secondly and more importantly, this isn't a design that's simply print-screened or painted onto the pillowcase.  It's not going to fade or chip.  It's dyed using a digital dye process that permanently dyes the fabric, leaving it still soft and comfortable to sleep on.
     The case will fit any standard or queen sized pillow, which is also perfect for dorms or for anyone with their first apartment.  It wasn't difficult to fit a pillow into, there was no squeezing involved.  Nor, was it overly large with extra space.  It was a really nice size.
     I think this is a really nice quality pillow case and I would certainly recommend anyone who needs a pillow case to check out Oh, Susannah.  They have tons of great designs and for those who want to support local business, they are made in the US.  So that's a plus for us Staters.  Do you try to support local businesses?
     For more, check out Oh, Susannah on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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