02 December, 2015

Swimming Nose Clip and Ear Plugs Bundle #Review #SupremeSportsGear

     Last year we spent just about every single Summer day at the beach.  We swam, ate, did crafts, hung out with friends, you name it!  It was our home away from home.  We were there every day and Boog especially loved it.  He explored the beach and mostly stayed in the sand, making friends.  Sometimes he would venture into the water and he always knew to go only so far and the come back.  Sometimes he'd come out to the water to meet me and give me hugs and kisses, then go back to the sand, only to repeat the trip 20 more times.

     Here's a few things we learned last year at the beach:
  1. Bring toys for the baby, babies like toys.
  2. Check the lost and found often.
  3. Dry the towels in good time or you'll be wet and chilly the next day.
  4. Bring extra toys to share.
  5. Even if you sharpie your name into said toys, some kid will inevitably take one home.  Don't stress, buy cheap toys.
  6. Bring a snack just in case the lunch lady plays hooky.
  7. Give a count down so the kids know they will be getting out of the water soon.  It prevents tantrums and they really will actually get out.  Usually.
  8. Don't forget the lawn chair in case the picnic tables are taken.
  9. Choose the smaller beach during peak season, you don't need to deal with a full beach when you have a bunch of kids yourself.
  10. Blonde is a GREAT color for the beach.  Seriously, it always took about three seconds to spot all of my kids in the water.  Why are there so few blonde people?
  11. Other people will feel like they need to watch your kid and will get irritable if your kid walks into the water without you.  Other people also were not raised with the respect that you were and will feel the need to be rude and tell you what to do.  Ignore them, your kids have the right to play without you holding their hand.
  12. Kids love beach accessories.  Goggles, plugs, floaties, all of it.  Just maybe don't buy 20 floaties and expect them all to fit in the van.  Sharing is good, but so is being able to see when you are driving.

     On that last note, while we wouldn't choose to wear swimming caps to the beach, we did use accessories this year, like goggles and nose clips.  Our friends loved our nose clips and always asked us to share, which of course we did.  This year we will be stocking up on goggles and plugs before the season hits.  We just got a cool new ear plugs and nose clip bundle from Supreme Sports Gear to start us off.

     The ear plugs come in two different sizes to accommodate for different sized ears.  This is a great thing, because I have very tiny ears and often times, things for the inside of the ear (such as ear buds or foam plugs) won't fit.

     They are made of a soft silicone and don't hurt the ears.  They stay put too.  They create a small suction when removed, so they aren't likely to fall out by themselves.  When you're ready to take them out, you just pull the stem.

     The nose clip for me was a miss, but I'm sure my kids will use it.  The problem I found was that the top of my nose, where the bone is, is rather wide and the clip wouldn't fit over it.  Because it wouldn't fit over it, the black silicone pieces felt like they were going to slide off the tip of my nose.  For my kids with smaller noses, this might fit just fine.

     This is going to be a gift for the kid who asks most for this type of thing, The Big One.  I know she'll love it.  To learn more, check out Supreme Sports Gear on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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