24 December, 2015

Wine Corkscrew Bottle Opener and Stopper Set by #XChef #Review

     A couple weeks ago, my husband and I branched out and got a bottle of wine.  I like wine every once in a while depending on the kind, Broofy, not so much.  Well, we've never actually opened a bottle before, someone else was always the one to open it, I didn't even know what opening a bottle of wine entailed.

     Luckily, we had a foil cutter on hand, but we didn't have a corkscrew.  Opening the bottle was... difficult.  I looked up youtube tutorials for opening a bottle without a corkscrew.  We saw a man put the bottle in a shoe and bang it on a wall.  We saw a key trick, and we saw a couple other more scary ones.  We ended up going with the key idea.

     Sure wish I'd had this set then.  It's a wine corkscrew bottle opener and stopper set from X-Chef.  Every time I see one, I smile.  Why?  Because I can't help but see a really frantic person when I look at it.

     But besides that, this set is very handy.  The corkscrew is pretty easy to use.  You just fold the arms down, center the screw on the cork, turn the head until it stops turning, then fold the arms down gently to pop the cork up!  Super simple, even someone like me can do it.

     It's made pretty well out of fairly rugged metal and I don't see it breaking any time soon.  I think honestly, if it got run over by a car it may still work.  It's a pretty solid device.

     Not into wine?  Or maybe you're thinking of giving this to your wino girl friend, but her man is into beer?  That's fine!  The head of this corkscrew opens beer.  How awesome is that?  This is a pretty nice little time and space saver, really.  And just for a little something extra, it does come with a stopper to prevent wine from becoming less than favorable.  I would definitely recommend it.

     To learn more, check out X-Chef on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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