22 December, 2015

Backseat Organizer and Visor Organizer Combo #Review #FancyMobility

     We live in my van.  Or at least we did before it broke down.  We spent at least 2 hours of every day in it.  During the summer, it's more like 6 hours a day, just going place to place, wherever the road takes us.  We ate in it, we slept in it, we played in it and had movies in it.  My van is our home away from home sometimes.
     The thing about that is that it leaves my van pretty messy.  And by pretty, I means dispicably so.  It gets down right atrocious.  Why?  Because no one has anywhere to put things, they all like to bring in new things each time we go somewhere because they lost the things they had last time or they want new things, but their old things stay in because they lost them before we went in for the night.  Sometimes it's because we pull into our driveway at night and they are all asleep and we don't bother bringing things in.
     When my van comes back from the shop, I have a plan.  I'm slowly gathering organizational helpers for the van and I am going to be using those to start out clean and hopefully stay manageable.  One of those organizational tools is this great backseat organizer and visor organizer combo from Fancy Mobility.
     The visor piece is designed really well for what it is.  The back has two elastic straps that it uses to attach itself to the visor, these straps don't interfere with flip up mirrors.
     On the organizer side, it has one smaller mesh pockt, perfect for Insurance cards and registration papers, etc.  It has two pen holders, and it has two larger pockets.  One of those larger pockets is a mesh one and both are meant for flat items.  I use one for mail and one for combs.  I love that the visor organizer isn't overwhelming, it's simple and uncluttered.

     The backseat organizer is probably the best I've used, and I've used some pretty great ones.  This one has sooo many pockets!  First, on top is a wide and deep pocket that i great for pretty much anything.  I think I will use itfor bathing suit, flip flops, sun screen and glasses in the summer and an extra set of hat and mittens in the winter.  Ithas a lid that has a Velcro closure and it's outlined in a pretty blue.  It's pretty sharp looking.

     Below that are tw half-width pockets surrounded by a wall of meshthat's divided into eight pockets.  So in this small area, there are TEN pockets.  The half-widths are great for toys or big snacks.  The mesh pockets are better for small things, like crayons, chapstick, small snacks, etc.

     The next set of pockets down is another full-width pocket that's not so deep as the first.  It's great for books or movies, maybe a tablet.  It also has  amesh surronding with two sections in the front and two bottle holder style pockets on the sides.  The ones in front are great for a phone, small toys, or maybe something like medium snacks.

     Both the top and the botom have adjustable straps with a buckle to keep the organizer in place.  I think any good organizer has got to have a bottom strap.  And this is definitely a good one, this is a fantastic one.  I would highly recommend this one.
     To learn ore, check out Fancy Mobility on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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