18 December, 2015

A Much Needed Joy Dare to Start the Day

     Yesterday was terrible.  It wasn't like it started bad.  I got crappy sleep, but after the kids got to school, I got to sleep in til 12:30.  Then I had enough money to get a coffee and I got to go see my girls in their Christmas concert.  I didn't even miss any of the kids perform this year!  I was on time!  Mostly.  Boog stayed mostly quiet and happy the whole time, it was all good....

     Until Baby Bee spilled my coffee that I had managed to get a whole one sip from.  It wasn't her fault.  And several times in the middle of my long-winded rant about how every other coffee of mine is spilled and I'm never able to have anything to myself and blah blah blah... I made sure to let her know that I wasn't angry with her.  She knows.  But it really does happen.  And you know what?  I went and got a second coffee and that one was knocked over too.  That's not the first time that replacement coffees have gotten spilled on me.  That one was salvageable though.  It landed directly upside down on top of Broofy's laptop, but miraculously only spilled a few drops.  I need to wash out that Contigo cup I was given and start using that again.
     Anyway, if there was any day that I needed a Joy Dare, yesterday was it.  But I was too irritable and tired.  So I put on a movie for the girls and demanded quiet while I grasped onto what little sanity I still had and disappeared into the world wide web for a while.  The movie is super cute, it's called Strange Magic, have you seen it?  It's like a cartoon musical with creatures similar to those in Arthur and the Invisibles, but the songs are all cool songs.  Classics that everyone knows, like Only Fools Rush In and newer songs like Kelly Clarkson's Stronger.  Maybe it's because I don;t watch live TV, but I never ever knew about the movie coming out until it showed up on my Amazon Starz subscription.
     But anyway, enough dawdling, onto the Joy Dare.  Since it's morning, I'm gonna do yesterday's.  December 17th - 3 Gifts Frosted.  Seriously, it had to be difficult.  Okay...

1.  Oh, man.  Well... my shower curtain is frosted, and thanks to my awesome new curtain rings, I will never again have to struggle with changing the curtain.  That's a blessing.  It's kind of a trivial thing, but it really was a pain to clean the curtain or liner.

2. Yesterday we got our second sprinkle of snow this season.  This year we have pretty much only had frost, if that.  Temperatures are amazing and the grass is still green in some areas.  Last year we had so much snow that my kids could sit outside my bedroom and their little butts were level to my window.  That photo above is Baby Bee sitting at my window.  It was insane.  And this year it has been so beautiful, a much needed respite from last year.  SO thank God for the frost this year.

3.  This is super hard.  Okay, well it's grasping at straws, but sometimes I have to do that with the Joy Dare because how many things in a day can be "frosted"?  Okay, so Streaker sat down beside me with her Buzz Lightyear voice changing phone and started making all these phone calls and I had to play the other part.  She called Dolly and Jessie, Woody, Buzz, the Alien and Bullseye, pretty much all the characters.  What she was doing was inviting everyone to a party at Dolly and Jessie's house to frost gingerbread houses.  I love that my kids can have good old-fashioned fun like that.  I'm glad that we got to spend some time together, and I'm glad that she chose me to play with.  It makes me feel really loved.  So I'm thankful for fake frosted houses :D

     Well, I guess that's it.  I do feel better now and I hope I can carry this gratitude with me the whole day through.  I'll be back soon!


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