31 December, 2015

CoolStream Blue Tooth Speaker #Review #CoolStreamRocks

     All of the kids got a phone for Christmas.  I know what you're thinking... a PHONE!?  Yes, a phone.  It didn't break the bank at $10 apiece and will not be connected to a plan.  They are for app use only.  Apps like Kindle, Netflix, Gummy Bear, Art Studio, Pottery, etc.  They are mini tablets and the kids love them.  I knew when I first saw those $10 phones at Walmart that it would be the show-stopper gift and I'd need to get accessories to go with them.
     Headphones for sanity, check.  Styluses, check.  Chargers, cases, and screen protectors, check.  Selfie sticks, check.  Each kid got the essentials.  The Big One got a couple extras.  For example, she got a set of blue tooth ear buds (review coming tomorrow) and a blue tooth speaker.  I think I can somewhat trust her not to lose the earbuds or play the speaker too loud.  At least if she does, we listen to the same music.
     So what was this speaker that she got?  It's an ultra-cool looking wireless speaker from CoolStream.   It came with a manual, USB charging cord, and a double ended Auxiliary cord.
     It's a good sized speaker, which I like.  Bigger means harder to lose, although she has already misplaced it once.  But it's durable too, with a metal front mesh plate and cone-like shape.  You can lay it on it's side or on it's back with the speaker facing straight up.  Since it's wireless, it doesn't matter, so long as you are using the blue tooth option.  If you are using any other option, you won't be able to lay it on it's back.

     Here's a little look at it's features:
     First of all, it's blue tooth.  This means you can connect your device wirelessly to the speaker and it will play the sound of your device.  It's easy to connect, you just turn on the speaker, enter the blue tooth menu on your device and click on "CoolStream" to pair the two together.  When it is paired, you can start listening.
     Secondly, it has the double ended auxiliary cord.  This means that you can use this speaker for non-blue tooth devices.  Say you have an MP3 player that has no blue tooth... just plug one end of the cord into the MP3 player's headphone jack and the other into the back of the speaker.  Now you can listen to your favorite songs out loud, sans headphones.
     Another incredible feature is the SD Memory Card slot.  Yeah, you heard me... a memory card slot... in a speaker.  You can fill that card with MP3 songs and listen without connecting it to ANYTHING!  How freaking awesome is that!?  I wish I'd kept the speaker now.  But alas, looks like The Big One needs a memory card now.
     So anyway, the sound is amazing, clear, warm, and beautiful.  It really is very nice.  It beats the computer speakers for sure!  You'd never guess that sound would come from such a small (comparatively speaking) package.  I absolutely adore this speaker and I recommend it for anyone needing a blue tooth sound system.
     To learn more, check out CoolStream on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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