03 December, 2015

Bear Tattoo Tights #Review #TattooLeggings

     Here at my house, we love dress-up.  I think we have more dress-up clothes than we do regular dresses.  And we have five girls in the house, so we have a lot of dresses.  That picture above... that shows maybe a quarter of our dresses.  I'm thinking more like a sixth.  And we have that many costumes.  We have one for each kid from each Halloween, roughly, plus extras we've grabbed along the way and been given over the years.  We don't often purge our costume pieces.
     You know who doesn't have many costumes?  Me.  I had a witch one that I think has been tossed out and I have my pirate wench one.  That's it.  Makes me sad.  I just got a little accessory that is kind of like dress-up though, so I'm expanding.  This wouldn't necessarily be for the kind of dress up you do with kids.  But I did get some cute tights for maybe an adult Goldilocks costume.  Wanna see?
      It's got bears on it!  Get it?  Of course you do, tell me that wouldn't be perfect!  They are tattoo tights from Babe Mall Inc and I just thought they were the cutest thing.  Babe Mall Inc has a whole selection of them, from cats to lace to skylines, even a couple with the eiffel tower.
     They're intended for size XXS to M, but I'm an XL and managed to squeeze it on.  I'd say that one should probably follow size recommendations on this.  Not that I look awful, I don't, but they are tighter than should be.  See the poor bear's head all stretched?  Yeah, not quite the cute look I'd go for.  No fear though because my treadmill comes in February.  Come June, I'll look just fine in them.  But just a head's up, it only comes in the one size.

     The black part of it is super shimmery and very black.  It's so pretty.  You can't really see through it at all.  The skin colored area is slightly darker than my skin, but I'm pretty pale.  I don't think anyone would notice that it was dark.  On other people it was too light.

     Where the top connects to the bottom, it's a little weird I think.  There is a clear seam in the middle of the bear's forehead.  The black nylon and the black paint don't mesh super well.  Not that the hues don't match, but the texture and such doesn't.  Also, the top part of the tights do not expand as well as the bottom, so if you have heavier thighs, they will be harder to squeeze on than you might be thinking.  Just a little personal experience for you *wink*

     I think these would make great addition to a grown-up dress-up chest, either for adult time with the husband or for costume parties, or some other fun time.  To learn more, check out Babe Mall Inc on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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