14 December, 2015

10-pack Liquid Chalk Markers #Review #LiquidChalkMarkersUSBilby

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     One of the coolest ways to organize lately is with chalkboard labels.  I see them everywhere.  There's been a boom the last several years of chalkboard related things.  Just search Pinterest with the term "chalkboard" and you'll be bombarded with so many ideas your head will spin.  My favorite?  I personally love the baskets with chalkboard labels.
     Some day very soon my shelves will all be lined with baskets like the ones above.  But I'll be honest here... I LOATHE chalk.  I hate the dust, I hate the smudging, I hate the white chalky crap left behind (yeah, that's right... I like crisp black chalkboards).  I just hate everything about chalk except how writing looks.
     The perfect answer to that?  Chalk Markers!  Yup, chalk.  In marker form.  Washable, dry or wet, so no crappy residue left over to tarnish the beautiful board.  Now, you'll have to forgive me for the less than awesome photos.  My camera has officially (I think) gone to camera heaven.  It won't take even a brand new memory card, nor will either the laptop or my computer.  So cell phone photos will have to do until February when I get my new DSLR.
     Here's what I got and what I did with them.  It's a pack of ten liquid chalk markers in various colors.  I used it to make a lounge sign for my sister's new home for Christmas to go with her café and lounge inspired gift basket.  It's going to have things like a coffee mug, grinder, frother, and of course coffee.  This lounge sign can either be used in her café lounge area or can be wiped away and used for anything she needs it for.
     To start the marker up, you first hold it tip up and press the tip down to release the pressure.  Then you replace the cover and shake well, then hold it tip down and press the tip in a few times to get the liquid flowing.  I found that it worked super well, the marker drew like a paint pen, it was wonderful.  It was very wet, but dried quickly and didn't smudge.
     The colors showed up on the black board very vibrantly and bright.  I was really impressed.  I used mostly white on this sign, but you can see clearly that it colors boldly and beautifully.  I would most definitely recommend these for any kind of chalkboard sign.  It's like chalk, but dust free and crisper.  I love them.
     To learn more, check out U.S. Bilby on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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