15 December, 2015


     So it's technically December 15th now and I just realized that I missed the annual Ladies' Fellowship Christmas Party.  I'm a touch bummed about that, but I'm gonna lift my spirits with a Joy Dare.  Since I haven't experienced more than an hour or so of December 15th, I'm gonna go ahead and do the Joy Dare for "yesterday".  Ready?  Sweet!  So am I.
     Okay, December 14th - Three gifts stamped.  Easy.

1.  This wasn't a gift necessarily from today, but a few days ago I got my first Christmas card of the season.  It was from my insanely awesome uncle and his amazingly wonderful wife.  I love them so much, they're terrific people.  Just the idea that someone cares enough for me and my family to send a card through the mail to brighten our day, it makes me feel so good.  I couldn't feel more blessed than I do to call them family.

2.  Next one - Today I got five packages in the mail.  One of those packages was a box with lots of things.  One of those things was a fruit infuser water bottle.  That bottle is a hot item on my kids' wish lists this year.  This particular one is for Streaker, it's got pink on it.  Just knowing that my kids love to be healthy and are excited about water flavored by REAL fruit makes me happy.  I can't wait to see them all beg me for fruit waters Christmas morning.  Note to self: buy fruit.      Alright, I know I said easy, but that's because I get a lot of packages and I thought it would be.  Truth is, things that make me happy... they don't come in the mail.  And as much as I love my job and I can't believe that I'm blessed enough to have it, it's not what makes me truly happy.  So I'm going a little off-road with this next one:

4.  Time-stamped - Did you know that every photo you take is time stamped even if it's not visible?  Seriously.  Right click on any photo in an album and go to properties.  As long as it's an un-doctored photo directly from the camera, you'll see exactly when the photo was taken.  The one above for example, was taken Friday, ‎July ‎17, ‎2015, ‏‎3:19:42 PM.  It was an appointment for Punky to find out why she always has pain in her side.  It was an awful experience.  Sadly, it's just daily life for us.  Too many cooks, one small kitchen.  You should have seen the appointment for my pap smear (had NO idea they were doing it by the way or I would have at least tried to find a sitter).  All they said was "check-up".  Thank God for curtains and in-room bathrooms.
     But regardless of the stress of it all, how blessed am I to have those kids?  What a crazy heapful of miracle that's been dealt to me.  This is what makes my world turn.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  They ARE my Joy.
     Well, that's my Joy Dare for today, so until tomorrow I suppose...  Have a wonderful day!


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