31 December, 2015

#TheBrightOutdoors Solar Camping Lantern #Review

     My kids are scaredy cats.  I mean, I remember being terrified when I was a kid that someone might break in through my window, but I also remember sucking it up and dealing with it.  My kids... not so much.  The idea of walking down the hallway alone will bring them to the verge of tears and they have no problem being very vocal about that fear.  We live on the back of a five acre lot with nothing but woods behind us and enough dogs in the apartment building to stop any bad man in their tracks, so I'm not sure what they're soooo scared of.  Monsters?  Maybe?  They all sleep with a light on, which is pretty costly.  It's something that needs to change.

     Streaker just got herself some solar flower lights to put in her window to charge in the day and light up her room at night, but we need to cover 3 bedrooms.  So we're looking into more options.  More boy/tom boy friendly options.

      One option is a solar powered camping lantern.  It charges in the window in the day and lights up all night, just like the flowers.  We tried this one out by Bright Outdoors.  It's the most awesome thing ever!  It's both a flashlight and a lantern, both solar and battery, both compact and not.  Check it out!

     Okay, so first of all, it is LED, so you know it's bright.  But it also doesn't take as much power to run.  When the lantern is folded down, the light makes for a super bright flashlight.  You can change it between bright, really bright, or an SOS flashing light.  Being able to choose is a great way to make the power last just a little bit longer.

     Secondly, it folds up into a lantern, just pull apart the two ends and voila!  A lantern.  It's still very bright and will easily light up a tent or small camper for any night time purposes.  It has a handle to hold it from, so you could use it for port-a-potty runs at night, etc.

     A really awesome feature is the power bank feature.  Yes, it's a solar charged lamp, but if you are in a hurry, you can charge it via USB.  Not only that, but you can charge other devices using the lantern!  It will charge a normal smartphone up to 50%.  So if you are lost in the woods with a dead phone, this will charge it enough to call someone for help or find your GPS coordinates.  I don;t know about your phone, but mine lasts a LONG time on 50%, certainly enough to help me find my way back to a road if I'm only a mile or two out.

     And one last awesome feature, it's waterproof.  So a trip to the bathroom in the rain is no problem... for the lantern.  In fact, it's so awesome that I couldn't justify keeping it for a night light.  We ended up giving it to my survivalist brother.  He's been collecting camping and outdoor survival equipment for years and he was really impressed with this lantern.  He especially liked that it's solar and has a back up battery.

     I definitely recommend this to anyone who goes camping, it's an incredible asset to have.  To learn more, check out Bright Outdoors on Amazon. 

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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