14 December, 2015

So, Here's the Thing..

     I actually have four blogs.  One is called 'Well, I Suppose...', one is 'Flazy Girl', and the other is 'Fun-365'.  One is for my daily life and Joy Dare to help me de-stress and find the good in life, one is to chronicle my weight loss journey, and the other is all about finding free family fun year round.  Problem is, they are on my other Google accounts and signing out and back into another Google account is the most ridiculously frustrating thing ever experienced online.  And that's putting it nicely. 
     So I've decided to merge them.  That means that you'll be seeing considerably more of my personal life on this blog.  You likely won't notice the addition of the old posts, as they will sneak in between other old posts.  But new posts will be incorporated on a fairly regular basis.  There will be posts about ways to find free things around your town, the daily joy dare (I will NOT do it daily, I'm terrible at routine), and other tid-bits of my life and the kids' school goings-on.  I will be tagging these new posts with either I Suppose, Flazy Girl, or Fun-365 for easier reference.

     Also, just a note: it won't be a sudden thing, it will take a few days to get them all transferred.  You may notice that some posts are signed Tim (short for Timoney), just another alias of mine used for posts from the other blogs.  I hope this change turns into a good thing.  Thanks for sticking with me!


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