22 December, 2015

Scots Pine Essential Oil #Review #SimplyEarth

     I'm becoming a pretty big fan of essential oils and what they do for the body, home, and mind.  Whether it's helping you relax, helping you heal, or helping you clean, chances are that you use essential oils more than you think!  In fact, just today while picking up a few last minute gifts, I grabbed the most amazing smelling evergreen scented candle... I mean the smell just blew you away it was so good.  And guess what?  Yup, that smell comes from essential oils.
     It likely comes from pine essential oil.  Pine has got to be one of my favorite scents of all time.  It reminds me of Christmas, it reminds me of the walks in the woods we used to do as kids, of climbing trees and getting all sappy, and of helping my dad make wreaths to sell and giving out coloring books to all the kids who came to buy a tree.  It reminds me of my childhood, all the good parts.
     But did you know that smelling incredible isn't all pine oil has to offer?  For starters, it's recommended for help in treating a whole slew of skin ailments, like psoriasis, acne, eczema, sores, and more.  It gives the skin a healthy appearance and glow, as well as helping it look smooth.

     It's also great at relieving stress and helping energize you and lift your spirits.  I fully support this claim.  The second I smelled that candle in Walmart, a smile was on my face and I was brought back to nature.  It's a wonderful feeling.
     On a more health related note, it has some awesome properties that make it a great thing to have around.  It fights free-radicals in the body, this helps prevent age-related eye problems that free-radicals can aggravate.  It also has antibacterial properties and antifungal properties making it a great combatant for things such as urinary tract infections, athlete's foot, and cuts.

     This particular pine oil, from Simply Earth does even more.  Not in a sense that it's super powered, but that with each sale, Simply Earth donates a percent of the profits to a non-profit of the month.  This month, it's an astounding 13% to the cause of ending human trafficking.  This is a cause that I personally care very much about and I fully support any effort towards helping put an end to it.

     But to tell you a little about the actual oil, it comes in a 15 ml. brown glass bottle, brown to protect the oil from light sources that could harm them.  It has a dropper top and a really informative label.  This label in particular tells me that this oil is made from the twigs and needles of Scots pine trees in Hungary and it has a woody evergreen scent.

     Like all the oils that Simply Earth sells, this one is a great quality oil.  It's a slightly yellow colored thin oil that smells wonderful.  It would be a great addition to all kinds of projects, not to mention diffusers.  I absolutely recommend Simply Earth's oils.  To learn more, check out Simply Earth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, or on their website at SimplyEarth.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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